NBA Live 18 Release Date, Details & Features

NBA Live 18 Release Date, Details & Features is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.

The NBA Live 18 release will give Xbox One and PS4 gamers a second way to play as their favorite basketball teams soon.

Electronic Arts is promising new features and experiences to go along with new players and refreshed rosters. The One is a new mode for NBA Live 18. It lets gamers create their own player. The decisions they make off the court influences their player’s career and reputation. Another mode, called The Streets, lets gamers use their custom character against real-world NBA stars at real-life courts.

NBA Live 18 launches soon. Here is everything else we know about the upcoming basketball game.

NBA Live 18 Release Date, Details & Features

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NBA Live 18 Release Date

We don’t know the NBA Live 18 release date. EA revealed the game at this year’s EA Play event but kept quiet on its launch date. There are no references to a release date on the game’s website either.

Some gamers believe that NBA Live 18 launches this September. NBA Live 18 competes directly with 2K Games’ NBA 2K18. 2K18 launches on September 19th, and it seems logical that Electronic Arts would want to persuade fans to buy Live before they place their NBA 2K18 pre-order. We also know that a free NBA Live 18 demo launches in August. Free demos arrive days before the games they promote, usually.

NBA Live 18 Gameplay

Today, there’s not a lot of NBA Live 18 gameplay available. The video we do have of the game comes from this year’s EA Play event at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

It offers a quick look at The One, The Streets and The League. A few glory shots of dunks and dribbles give viewers a taste of the game’s graphics. The video ends with a brief look at player customization, playstyle and skill options.

We know NBA Live 18 has improved one-on-one controls, a refreshed dribble system, improved player movement and better transitions. It also has Ultimate Team. Ultimate Team lets gamers purchase packs of digital trading cards to compete against their friends and unlock rewards.

NBA Live 18 Features

NBA Live 18 has animation improvements and new features for those that like to play alone and with other people.

The One is EA’s name for the new career system. This area has two modes of its own, The Streets and The League. Gamers get single and multiplayer gameplay within the mode, but its focus is on each player’s custom character. Each character’s gear, traits, playstyles and abilities are up to the player. Popularity in The Streets influences how a custom character gets treated in The League, EA says.

The Streets is for unofficial pick-up games. These pick-up games have 5 players on each team taken from real-life NBA teams. Because they aren’t league games, sessions in The Streets take place outside of stadiums. Court locations include California’s Venice Beach and New York City’s Rucker Park. A Pro-Amateur Mode in The Streets lets players compete against professionals for lower-stakes than league games.

NBA Live 18’s co-operative play, single player and online multiplayer have Live Events. Competing in Live Events gets gamers rewards for their custom player. EA will hold Live Events all year.

Franchise Mode puts players in control of their favorite teams. Gamers can draft and trade their favorite athletes, but we’re not sure how deep the customization goes beyond that.

Free NBA Live 18 Demo

A free NBA Live 18 demo will give everyone that wants to try the game an opportunity to play. EA hasn’t revealed the demo’s exact release date. However, we know that it will arrive sometime in August on Xbox One and PS4.

We don’t know what is in the demo. It is safe to expect it to act as an introduction for The One. Progress from the NBA Live 18 demo transfers to the final game. There’s no reason for EA to commit to that if the demo only offers a look at the game’s multiplayer modes.

When We’ll Hear More About NBA Live 18

Expect Electronic Arts to reveal the NBA Live 18 release date and discuss how each new feature works in July or August. The company will want players to have a good idea of what their money gets them before the NBA Live 18 demo arrives.

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NBA Live 18 Release Date, Details & Features is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.