Xbox One X Pre-Order Guide

Xbox One X Pre-Order Guide is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.

Finding Xbox One X pre-orders is a good idea. Without a pre-order, it’s possible you won’t get to experience the best graphics the Xbox One ecosystem has to offer this November.

The Xbox One X is a new gaming console from Microsoft. A new processor, more RAM and updated graphics hardware let developers improve their game’s visuals. On Xbox One X, Forza 7 will have full 4K video and run at 60 frames per second. The console can load Xbox One games faster than the Xbox One or Xbox One S. It uses Super Sampling technology to make every Xbox One game look better on an HD television too.

Those things could make the Xbox One X very hard to find this November. Current Xbox One owners may want to leave their old consoles behind to get the improved visuals and performance. Gamers looking for the best visuals possible might get an Xbox One X instead of a PS4 Pro because it has more power. People considering a powerful gaming PC may buy an Xbox One X instead. Xbox One X will only cost $499. That’s much less than a comparable gaming PC.

The Xbox One X

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Slowly, Microsoft is revealing all the information Xbox One X buyers need to know before the system arrives. This information includes details on Xbox One X pre-orders.

Xbox One X Pre-Orders

  • Where to Pre-Order Xbox One X
  • When do Xbox One X Pre-Orders Start
  • Why You Want an Xbox One X Pre-Order
  • Saving on Xbox One X Pre-Orders

Where to Pre-Order Xbox One X

Where you should place your Xbox One X pre-order depends on where you’d like to spend your money. Dozens of retailers will have the console, but you should go with the store or online site that offers the discounts you want and the trade-in offers you need.

The Xbox One X pages are available at major retailers. Because the console hasn’t gone on sale yet, these pages only offer a brief description of how the console works and a way to get a reminder when pre-orders kick-off.

GameStop doesn’t have an Xbox One X pre-orders page on its site now. Presumably, it’ll add one the moment pre-orders are available.

When Do Xbox One X Pre-Orders Start?

We don’t know when Xbox One X pre-orders will start. Usually, retailers begin taking pre-orders the moment a new device is announced. That didn’t happen for the Xbox One X.

Xbox One X pre-orders could start at any time. Some rumors point to retailers taking orders between June 12th and June 16th while Microsoft is still showing off the console at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Pre-orders could start later this summer too.

The Microsoft Store’s Xbox One X page.

Why You Want an Xbox One X Pre-Order

You want an Xbox One X pre-order because you can bet on them being hard to find this fall. The Xbox One X is the most powerful video game console ever made. It’s the only Xbox One that has enough power inside to fully take advantage of a 4K television. Gamers will want its improved performance.

Gaming consoles are usually very hard to find just after release. Without a pre-order, you might have to buy from an eBay or Craigslist reseller. These resellers will want more than the Xbox One X’s $499 price.

Saving on Xbox One X Pre-Orders

When placing Xbox One X pre-orders, be sure to look for savings. Discounts and deals will help you keep the cost of the new console down. Remember, the Xbox One X costs $499. That’s $200 more than the cheapest Xbox One S.

You can trade-in your old Xbox One without fear. Xbox One X works with games for the Xbox One S and original Xbox One. Headsets, USB cables and controllers from those two console’s work on the Xbox One X too.

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Monitor GameStop, Amazon and Best Buy to get the most savings with a trade-in. GameStop boosts trade-in values on all items when there’s a new console coming. Expect the company to do so just before the Xbox One X’s November 7th release. Best Buy’s Gamers Club Unlocked subscription gives gamers more credit for the titles they trade in. Shoppers get credit towards new purchases when they trade their games to Amazon instantly.

Look out for more Xbox One X pre-order details soon.

Xbox One X Pre-Order Guide is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.