Clash of Clans Update Problems & Fixes

Clash of Clans Update Problems & Fixes is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile.

A huge Clash of Clans update arrived in May that brings a whole new dimension to the game, a second village. It’s one of the best updates of 2017, but it’s also causing problems for many gamers. Here we’ll be going over some of the problems users are facing from the latest Clash update and any potential fixes.

Most of the issues are happening on Apple devices, as well as older Samsung smartphones. From weird glitches, games crashing, to not being able to install the update at all.

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While the update added some much-needed balance changes to the regular game, it also delivered a brand new element to Clash of Clans, versus battles that happen in real-time. With each new update, problems arise and we’re here to help.


Heading to the official Supercell Clash of Clans forum users will notice its full of new reports, bugs or issues from the past few days. This is because the May update is causing a lot of problems. This is typical with any big release, and we can expect a few small bug fixing upgrades in the next few days or this weekend.

Can’t Update Clash of Clans

An issue we’re seeing a lot of complaints about is users are unable to install the Clash of Clans update, mainly on iOS devices. There are a few different problems happening here at once. For general tips about Clash on iOS click here.

The reason most can’t install the Clash of Clans update is because they’re on an old and outdated version of iOS (Apple software) that is no longer supported. Starting with the May Clash of Clans update the game will no longer work on any iPhone, iPod or iPad running software older than iOS 7.0. Like the original iPad or an iPhone 3GS. Update to the latest software or get a new device.

Also, those on iOS can try uninstalling Clash of Clans and reinstalling it. Then just sign into Game Center and restore your entire village back to your device and Apple ID account. Make sure it’s saved so you can restore the game first, otherwise you could potentially lose everything. That would be awful. More details for transferring accounts is right here.

Samsung Clash of Clans Problems

Millions of players with a Samsung device cannot update to the latest version or the game will not load. This is a known issue and Supercell is working on a fix. It looks like a behind the scenes tweak to the Google Play Store listing fixed part of the problem, but not all of it. If you have an older device like the Galaxy S3, try updating again as it should now be available.

For those with a Samsung phone that can’t load Clash or it freezes halfway, try clearing the cache and re-installing the game. Otherwise, wait for a fix from Supercell. Back up your game before you uninstall it, to avoid losing your village and progress. Head into Settings > Apps > All Apps > Find Clash of Clans and hit clear cache. Then restart the game and try to play.

And finally, on some Samsung devices the game is pixellated and set at a low resolution. This is a known problem that is due to a feature on Samsung phones. Users need to download Samsung’s Game Tuner app, and probably Game Services (Game Mode) to fix the problem in settings. Change graphics to max, and 60 fps. This is from improved graphics APIs in the update. Click here for more details.

Clash of Clans Tiny Font (Galaxy S8)

The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ both have huge screens that are long and skinny, as does the LG G6.

The May Clash of Clans update added support for full-screen mode on the Galaxy S8. However, this made the font tiny, messed up graphics, and in war, some villages are not visible on the screen. You can try heading to Settings > Display > and toggle off full-screen mode, but it’s grayed out for most. Supercell is aware of the problem and will be updating the game in the near future to fix this problem.

In the meantime, Galaxy S8 owners can head into Settings > Display > screen zoom & font and increase the screen zoom to medium or make the font bigger. This is a temporary fix as it makes everything on your phone bigger, not just the game.

Archers and Wizards Missing from Towers

After the May update, dozens of players have reported the Archers and Wizards are missing from their towers. This is a glitch that Supercell is aware of, and are working on a fix. This will not affect your defense during attacks and a simple reboot should fix it. Expect an update soon to solve this minor glitch.

Special Offers Not Being Delivered

The team at Supercell has added “Special Offers” or special packs players can buy back in October of 2016, but they’re still occasionally having issues with this.

The only problem is users are spending real money, and not getting what is promised. This is a huge issue, but Supercell will refund anyone or re-send your special offers.


The offer above is $9.99 and gets you 1200 Gems. That’s how much 1200 gems costs on any given day. However, this special pack rewards those who buy it a decent chunk of gold and a level 2 Bomb Tower completely free. The Bomb Tower is 2 million gold, and 3.5 million to upgrade. So you’re getting a lot for free by spending $10.

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Countless users on the forum and all over Twitter have confirmed rewards sometimes don’t come through, or they only received the gems. Some bought the $20 pack for 15 million gold and didn’t get anything. You can contact Supercell with the in-game controls and request a refund. Most likely they will respond and say to wait, as it will arrive within the next 1-2 hours. Supercell is able to track who does or doesn’t receive the offer and resend it. Eventually, the offer will arrive or you can request a refund.

Not Enough Eligible Members

In 2016 Supercell added a Friendly Clan Challenge or Friendly Clan Wars. Some are having problems but that’s because you don’t have enough players. You’re able to start a friendly war with 5v5, 10v10 and so on, in increments of 5.

Most players are getting an error that states “Not Enough Eligible Members” and the war won’t start. Make sure none have been in an active war within the past 24 hours, and make sure each clan has more than 5-10 eligible players. Any other issues with this have since been resolved.

Can’t Build Two Troops at the Same Time

The entire interface for brewing troops and spells or creating an army changed in October, and happens automatically at Builders Base. Now we can hit “retrain” to use the same army as previous battles, instead of tapping 20 times to make troops like before. There’s also 3 pre-sets to make specific attack styles for any situation.

Troops brew one at a time now and has been this way for months. Those coming back to the game after the update may be confused. This is the new method, so get used to it. This seems longer, but build times are heavily reduced from the past.

Game Crashes

After the update, a lot of users are experiencing crashes. The game works fine for most things, but the minute you try to find or start a battle the game crashes or closes. Some are claiming it freezes while traveling between each village.

If you can’t play at all right now we suggest reinstalling the game or try clearing the cache in the Android application manager through settings. Similar to the steps mentioned above. We recommend you backup your village first or sync it to Google Play Games. In the next few days, Supercell will release an update to fix any small problems from the May release.

Banned After Update

Were you banned from Clash of Clans and after the update can’t play? If so, you were probably cheating or using some mods and illegal software. There’s a tool built-in that detect these applications and changes on smartphones and tablets. If detected you’ll instantly be banned permanently from the game.

Supercell has warned cheaters time and time again, and in late 2016 started banning anyone caught cheating. If you feel there was a mistake, contact Supercell.

Other Details

The May Clash of Clans update is one of the biggest in the history of the game. There are tons of changes, new features, and the all-new Builders Base. It’s almost an entirely new game inside of Clash of Clans. Problems will surface, but Supercell is quick to fix things. We’ll add more details as soon as Supercell releases a bug fixing update or explains some of the Samsung issues. Not to mention add more problems, bugs or fixes as they become available.

If you can, download the latest Clash of Clans May update today and enjoy all the new content. Drop us a comment below if you’re experiencing any other issues.

Clash of Clans Update Problems & Fixes is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile.

Moshi IonSuit iPhone 7 Battery Case Review: Elegant Mobile Power

Moshi IonSuit iPhone 7 Battery Case Review: Elegant Mobile Power is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.

The Moshi IonSuit is a simple, elegant iPhone 7 battery case that offers backup battery power when you need it and leaves you with a slim case for the rest of your day.

Unlike most iPhone 7 battery cases that add significant bulk to your iPhone at all times, the Moshi IonSuit is a two-part case that includes a removable 3,020mAh battery pack.

When you need power slide the battery case on and you can charge your iPhone 7. When you are fully charged, or when you start your day, you can carry the iPhone 7 in a slim soft touch case that offers a good deal of protection.

The Moshi IonSuit solves one of the biggest problems with battery cases.

The Moshi IonSuit solves one of the biggest problems with battery cases.

After you wear down your iPhone 7 battery, simply slide the Moshi iPhone 7 case into the battery back and start charging. There is a power button and LED indicator on the back of the battery pack. You can charge the iPhone 7 multiple times with the battery pack.

When you connect the two cases, you are left with a very solid feel and a phone that you can still fit in your pocket or hang on to easily while using.

The Moshi IonSuit snapped together, charging the iPhone 7 while mobile.

The Moshi IonSuit snapped together, charging the iPhone 7 while mobile.

You can charge the iPhone and the battery case at the same time with Micro USB, with the phone charging first.

Together or apart the Moshi IonSuit is an excellent iPhone 7 case. Moshi solves one of the biggest problems with most iPhone 7 cases, by removing the bulk when you don’t need power.

Instead of buying two iPhone 7 cases, or carrying a backup battery that you need to plug in with a long cord, check out the Moshi IonSuit.

You can buy the Moshi IonSuit for $100 on the Moshi website. The battery back is also compatible with the Moshi iGlaze hardshell iPhone 7 cases.

28 Best iPhone 7 Cases

Speck Presido iPhone 7 Cases

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Speck Presido iPhone 7 Cases

Speck chose to deliver a new line of iPhone 7 cases that look and feel amazing. The new Presidio iPhone 7 cases use upgraded material to deliver better shock protection while arriving in a thinner design. 

The Presidio Grip, Inked and Wallet can protect your iPhone 7 from a 10 foot drop while the Presidio Clear, Clear + Glitter and Clear + Print are tested for an 8 foot drop.

We already have these iPhone 7 cases on our iPhone and love the look and feel that they offer.

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Moshi IonSuit iPhone 7 Battery Case Review: Elegant Mobile Power is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.

Clash of Clans May Update: What’s New

Clash of Clans May Update: What’s New is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile.

This guide will go over the just released May Clash of Clans update and everything that’s new. From the boat that lets players travel to the Builders Base Island, to new troops and buildings, this is what you need to know.

The update essentially gives players a second village to build, manage, and battle other players with. And while the update is frustrating or disappointing to some, it is one of the biggest changes yet.

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On May 22nd Supercell updated Clash of Clans. There was a small set of balance changes to even out gameplay, but it’s the new Builders Base, island, troops, buildings and abilities that are important.

The update is available right now on the Apple and Google app stores. It’s worth noting that any Apple device running software older than iOS 7.0 cannot update to the latest version of Clash, as it is no longer supported by Supercell.

Clash of Clans May Update: What’s New

  • Second Village: Builders Base with a night mode

Everything is different in the second village. It’s powered by different gold and elixir, so players will need to manage money here too. Gems bought or collected with the new Gem collector work on both villages in the game.

Finally, a Gem Mine in Clash of Clans

New Buildings

  • Crusher: A powerful new defense that does exactly what it sounds like— crush enemies!
  • Push Trap: Scatter attacking armies by tossing troops in any direction you choose
  • Gem Mine: Collect gems over time. Upgrade it to increase its output.
  • Clock Tower: Boost the speed of everything in the Builder Base, from build time to resource mining.

New Troops

  • Bomber: Tosses big bombs that can blow up several buildings at once.
  • Cannon Cart: A four-wheeling fortification brought to the front line.
  • Boxer Giant: Like a regular Giant with special abilities
  • Beta Minion: Attacks enemies from a distance, glows in the dark
  • Night Witch: Summons flocks of flying creatures, like baby minions
  • Drop Ship: Like the Balloon but drops skeletons to wreck bases.
  • Super P.E.K.K.A: Unstable energy radiates from his armor

New Abilities

  • Sneaky Archer: “Cloak” makes her invisible to enemy defenses for a short period.
  • Boxer Giant: “Power Punch” makes his first attack do huge damage.
  • Raged Barbarian: Speed and damage increase during first 4 seconds

New Hero

  • Battle Machine: Some heroes are born, others are built. Once unlocked at Builder Hall 5, the Master Builder will join the fight. Only available in Builders Base, Electric Hammer unlocks at level 5.

New Features

  • The Archer Tower can switch from long-range to faster shooting speeds
  • The Multi Mortar’s multi-barreled attack is tough for troops to dodge
  • The Double Canon does more damage at a smaller range

These are available in both villages, but a new “gear-up” option will be available to unlock in original villages. Meaning these features aren’t available unless you play both villages.

New Battle Mode: Versus Battle

This new battle style lets you take on opponents in a head-to-head fight. Similar to Clan Wars, both competitors attack one another and the best attack wins the prize. Players do not lose resources on defense.

You can only earn gold or elixir from winning three versus battles per day. Then, you’ll need to spend nearly $2 in gems or battle only for trophies to climb the leaderboard. This is a big complaint during the first few days of the new update.

Other Details

The Clash of Clans update also brings new game mechanics to the second village. Everything is easy to manage and use to keep things simple. Your base will never be attacked while you’re gone, as attacks only happen during versus battles. This means players won’t lose hundreds of thousands of dollars every day. Troops will be available for battle automatically too.

Right now, there are no spells in the new Builders Base, although some could be available at a later date.

Additionally, the “Gear-Up” upgrade for regular bases to have a stronger defense is only available when the builder isn’t doing upgrades at the second village. So keep this in mind as you play.

Final Thoughts

Essentially this update allows players to rebuild the boat in the corner of their village. It unlocks at Town Hall level 4 or higher. This then allows you to travel to another island across the sea. Once you arrive at the Builders Base you can start building a second village inside of Clash of Clans.

It feels like a Clash of Clans clone because that’s exactly what it is. Supercell has essentially added a second base to every user’s account. It’s a familiar yet different experience that may take some getting used to.

So far a lot of players are frustrated and disappointed by the update, as it didn’t really add anything new to the original game. It’s more of a mini-game inside of Clash of Clans. Gamers can expect this new village to change and improve over time. Try it today and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Clash of Clans May Update: What’s New is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile.

17 Fallout Shelter Tips, Tricks, Cheats & Strategies

17 Fallout Shelter Tips, Tricks, Cheats & Strategies is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.

Here are the most important Fallout Shelter tips and tricks to level up faster, get more dwellers and unlock new building types.

We’ll also explain how to get free Caps and Lunchboxes just by playing Fallout Shelter with a purpose. Finally, we look at what you need to know about Fallout Shelter Hacks and Cheats in 2017.

Fallout Shelter is an iPhone, iPad, Android, Xbox and PC game that lets users build and manage a vault from the popular Fallout game. This is not Fallout 4 for the iPhone and there is no tie in with stats or in-game bonuses for the Fallout 4 game on consoles.

Fallout Shelter is free to play with the option to spend up to $19.99 on in-app purchases that deliver items, caps, resources and new dwellers. You can play this game without spending any real money, and this is easier if you use the Fallout Shelter tips below.

What you need to know about Fallout Shelter hacks and the Fallout Shelter tips to get more dwellers and resources,.

What you need to know about Fallout Shelter hacks and the Fallout Shelter tips to get more dwellers and resources,.

There is no one right way to play Fallout Shelter. You can manage your vault as you see fit, but with these tricks, you will be able to add more dwellers and unlock added rooms faster that will make your dwellers happier and add to their skills.

Here are the Fallout Shelter Tips you need to build a bigger shelter, attract more dwellers and prepare for raiders and Radroaches. Before you try to use any Fallout Shelter cheats we recommend reading to the end.

Build with a Purpose

As you start to build, think about the layout of your vault.

As you start to build, think about the layout of your vault.

It’s not until after you build a few rooms that the game tells you the biggest secret in where to place your rooms. If you build two rooms of the same kind next to each other they join and offer better performance.

You can also place three of a room next to each other to link up those, but you don’t get as much of a bonus across the board when you do this.

As you plan where to build, make sure you leave room to connect your rooms to one of the same type.

If you build two rooms next door and they don’t link, you will need to make sure they are upgraded to the same level. Keep in mind that adding rooms requires more electricity output.

Place Dwellers in the Right Rooms

Make sure dwellers go in the right rooms.

Make sure dwellers go in the right rooms.

When you start bringing dwellers into your vault, you will need to make sure they are in the right rooms. This boosts production and will keep them happy. Tap on any dweller to see their attributes and what they are best at. Each room does best with a specific attribute.

Rather than try to remember the specials that help each room, you can just zoom into the room to see which special does best there. The Small letter in a circle shows you which special attribute will boost production.

You can also drag the dweller from room to room to see where they will fit best. The letter and a positive or negative number will show on-screen when you do this. Drop them in the right room for better production.

If you add someone with luck to a room it will increase the chance of success on a Rush.

Upgrade Your Rooms

Upgrade for better output.

Upgrade for better output.

You don’t need to build a sprawling underground vault right away. You can also upgrade rooms to increase output and storage. This will help you meet the needs of your growing population without the need to constantly add a new power or water station.

Tap on a room and then on the upgrade arrow in the upper right to upgrade. This will show you the cost and the increased output and storage. Adding a second room that combines to make one bigger is a better idea in some cases, so you’ll have to decide when to upgrade and when to expand.

Keep Everyone Happy

Happy dwellers mean better output.

Happy dwellers mean better output.

One of your tasks as the overseer is to keep the dwellers happy. This increases output, which makes the game easier overall. You can see your overall happiness score on the face in the upper left of the screen.

You can also tap on an individual dweller to see their happiness. You can manage happiness by keeping resources above the minimum, placing dwellers into a job they like and by giving them breaks in lounges or in the living quarters.

Place an unhappy dweller in the living quarters with one of the opposite sex and eventually, they will have sex. This results in 100% happiness for both characters and the woman is at 100% happiness for the length of the pregnancy.

Rush with Caution

A failed rush can mean roaches or fire.

A failed rush can mean roaches or fire.

You can rush any production to meet the immediate needs of the vault, but there is a risk. When you tap on Rush you’ll see how likely an accident is. This can mean Radroaches or a fire that will hamper production and hurt your dwellers.

Use this option when you need it, but be aware that it can backfire and slow you down in the long run.

You should attempt to bring in dwellers with high Luck power to rooms you need to rush often as this will increase your chances for success.

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17 Fallout Shelter Tips, Tricks, Cheats & Strategies is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.

7 Common Verizon Problems & Fixes

7 Common Verizon Problems & Fixes is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.

Verizon problems and Verizon Wireless problems can stop you from making calls, using the Internet, texting and more. We’ll show you how to fix the most common Verizon problems so you can get back to using your phone even if you can’t go to a Verizon store anytime soon.

From using your phone to Verizon billing problems, we’ll walk you through the ways you can fix the problems yourself and how to get faster and better help from Verizon when you can’t handle everything on your own.

Here’s how you can fix Verizon problems in a few minutes and what to do if you need more help with your problems. When possible we will help you identify if you have a Verizon problem or phone problem.

Verizon Problems Today

Are there Verizon problems today? Ken Wolter /

Are there Verizon problems today? Ken Wolter /

If you cannot use your Verizon phone there is a chance that there are Verizon problems today impacting more than just your phone. You need to look to see if Verizon is down for a lot of users. This doesn’t happen often, but there are times when Verizon is down for some areas and even for large numbers of users.

The first thing to do is check with people around you to see if they are having Verizon problems today. There is a good chance something is wrong on your phone, rather than on Verizon’s network. The next thing to do is to check to see if Verizon is down.

Is Verizon Down?

If people around you are having the same Verizon problems you can look to see if Verizon is down on a variety of websites. There are plenty of places where people can share Verizon wireless problems when the service goes down, and DownDetector is one of the most common.

Is Verizon down today?

Is Verizon down today?

This service catalogs complaints so you can see what is slowing down other Verizon customers. Keep in mind that a spike in complaints doesn’t mean that Verizon is down necessarily. Some complaints even state that no one else is having the same problem.

If there are more than 100 complaints in the last hour, there is a good chance that there are bigger Verizon problems that you cannot fix on your own. If you see a lot of complaints here, check on Twitter to see if Verizon confirmed any problems. If you use Twitter you can check in with the company there for help while you are at it.

How to Fix Verizon Data Problems

When you cannot visit web sites with your Verizon phone or you lose an LTE signal you can take some steps immediately to fix Verizon data problems.

Look in the upper left on the iPhone or in the upper middle on most Android phones to see if you have an LTE connection. If you see nothing but bars, you may not be connected.

The first thing to do is turn Airplane mode on for about 15 seconds and then turn it off. On the iPhone, swipe up from the bottom of the phone to open Control Center. Tap on the Airplane button, wait and then tap again to turn it off.

On Most Android phones, swipe down from the top and then tap on the airplane icon or go to settings and turn Airplane mode on. After 15 seconds turn it off.

What to do when you can't get online with Verizon.

What to do when you can’t get online with Verizon.

If this doesn’t fix the issue, you should turn your phone off for 30 seconds and then turn it back on. This can solve problems that aren’t fixed with the instructions above.

After restarting your phone, if you still have problems, you can try resetting your network settings or updating your carrier settings.

On the iPhone, go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings. Follow any prompts. This resets your WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular settings. It can solve a range of problems. You can also check for carrier updates. Go to Settings -> General -> About and then a pop up will tell you there is a Carrier Settings Update if one is available.

On Android go to Settings -> Backup and Reset -> Reset network settings. Follow any on-screen prompts to complete this process.

In most cases, this will solve your Verizon data problems. If you still have issues, you should contact Verizon for more help, especially if you are the only person on Verizon with this issue in your area.

How to Fix Verizon Phone Problems

When you can’t make or receive calls on your phone, it may be a problem with the settings on your phone. You may need to change the settings or update software. In some cases, you may need to wait for Verizon to fix a problem on their end.

Use the same directions outlined above to turn Airplane mode on and off to see if that solves your problems. You can also try restarting your phone.

If you can make calls, but you cannot receive them, check to make sure you don’t have Do Not Disturb turned on. On iPhone, swipe up from the bottom of your screen and make sure the moon icon is not lit up. If it is, tap on it to turn Do Not Disturb off. On most Android phones, swipe down from the top and look for a Do Not Disturb option and turn it off.

Remove the SIM card and put it back in.

Remove the SIM card and put it back in.

You can remove your SIM card and then put it back in. This can solve some problems on the iPhone and Android without the need to call Verizon. Use the steps in the section above to reset network settings, as this could remove a problem on your phone.

If you have an update for your phone, you should install it to see if it fixes your ability to make and receive calls. This is not normally the problem, but in rare cases, it can be the problem.

When all else fails, you need to contact Verizon. You can go to a store, call with another phone or use online chat.

How to Fix Verizon Texting Problems

When you cannot send texts on Verizon you can often fix this by rebooting your phone. In fact, it’s the first thing that Verizon asks you to do when you can’t send a text or a picture message on your iPhone or Android.

Turn your phone off and leave it off for a few seconds. If you have a battery that you can remove, do that while the phone is off. Turn your phone back on and see if you can send a message.

If you are using iMessages or something other than basic texting, you should look at problems with those. Sometimes you cannot send an iMessage when you have a poor signal or data issues.

You can also try removing the SIM and putting it back in, but more than likely if rebooting your phone doesn’t fix this issue you need to contact Verizon.

How to Fix Verizon Voicemail Problems

How to fix Verizon Voicemail problems.

How to fix Verizon Voicemail problems.

Verizon offers visual voicemail and normal voicemail. You may run into problems with either service and you can fix some of them on your own.

If your Voicemail indicator isn’t working, you can call voicemail using *86 on your phone, then in the main menu choose 4 and then tap 1 to turn on the message waiting indicator.

You can reset your Verizon Voicemail password easily with your phone or a computer. Login to My Verizon and then choose a new password. You can also call *611 on your phone, tap 2 and then tap 1 to change the Verizon voicemail password. You need to confirm your account, but in a minute or two, you can get a new password.

How to Fix Verizon Billing Problems

If you have a billing problem with Verizon the first thing you need to do is get an understanding of why they charged you what they did. You can often get the basic explanation of this with Customer Support online, in-store or on the phone.

The first phone call should be to find out what the charges are for. Once you know this, you can ask this representative for help. Remember to ask nicely and if they cannot help you it’s a good idea to politely hang up and call back later. If there is an honest mistake in data usage or a real billing problem it is often a matter of getting the right person on the line who can help you out.

If you cannot get help at a local store or with Verizon on the phone, you should try the Verizon Twitter Support account, which can often connect you to specialists who can help.

Another option is to reach out for Verizon Executive Customer Support. You can email the CEO of Verizon or use to look for the latest contacts to get help. Remember to calmly explain the problem and state what kind of resolution you want.

How to Fix Annoying Verizon Problems

How to fix other Verizon problems.

How to fix other Verizon problems.

If you run into especially annoying Verizon problems, you may need to take some additional action on your phone or even leave for another carrier.

At this point, you should go to a store to see if there is a problem with your phone. If problems are constant and reoccurring, you may be able to get a replacement device or you may need to factory reset your phone.

If you are using a very old phone, you may even need to upgrade. This isn’t often the case with Verizon problems, but if you have a lot of phone problems it could be due to a very old phone.

When it comes to constant dropped calls or other problems it may be that you live or work in an area with poor coverage. In our experience, Verizon coverage is one of the best, but there are some areas where competing companies deliver better service. If this is the case, look into deals for switching carriers. In many cases, you can go to AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint and you will not need to pay an ETF.

7 Common Verizon Problems & Fixes is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.