Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile Volume Synchronization coming to Android

Some would say that Android’s volume control setup can be a bit of a mess. You could be listening to music from one application and have the volume up, close it and then forget to adjust the volume when you load up that mobile game you play while waiting in line. This issue can be even more irritating when you’re using hands-free profile Bluetooth devices as volume synchronization doesn’t work the way you would expect. This looks to be changing, though, as a new commit to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) suggest that connected Bluetooth devices over the Hands-Free Profile (HFP) will be able to synchronize its volume with your Android device.

This new commit has been merged to AOSP just a few days back. The commit is described as HFP (hands-free profile) client volume control and that it will accept volume controls from the smartphone the Bluetooth device is connected to, hence allowing for volume synchronization between the two devices.

This is an interesting and welcomed change for anyone who uses hands-free Bluetooth devices. This change joins the likes of in-band ringtone support and battery level indicators among other Bluetooth feature enhancements in Android O. Sadly, most people who use these are likely already adjusting the volume directly from the Bluetooth device (since that is what is required right now), but hopefully that habit will be easy to break once their device receives an update to Android 8.X.

It’s unclear exactly what version of Android this will be put into, but we do know that Google is working on an MR1 release of Android O right now. It’s hopeful that we’ll see it in this update, but it’s too early to tell right now. Custom ROM developers should be able to cherry pick it for their ROM right now, though.

FX File Explorer 6.0 Released with Major UI Changes, SMB v2, and more

When talking about file explorers, there are a few really big players on the market. There’s Solid Explorer, MiXplorer, and FX File Explorer. These applications offer many of the same features, but each with their own UI flavor and their own small merits over their competitors. These apps are neck and neck in functionality, and are constantly competing to outdo each other. Now, FX File Explorer version 6.0 has been released, and it’s looking to draw your attention away from the rest of the field.

File Explorer (Free+, Google Play) →

FX File Explorer 6.0 brings a number of large changes. What firstly hasn’t changed however is the lack of advertisements, the use of many open source libraries, and the fact that the free version of FX File Explorer is just that – free. There is a trial version, but all FX Plus adds is network, cloud, and media functionality. For instance, FX Plus now adds support for SMB v2.

The new version of FX File Explorer boasts a brand new UI, as “about every aspect of the UI has been tweaked, cleaned up, materialized, or improved” according to the developer on Reddit. There is also a new, updated dual window mode to fit with the design language of multi window on Android Nougat or above devices. There are also many brand new themes to choose from.

FX does have a number of unique features over its competitors including its home screen. The home screen of FX is not just your typical /sdcard folder but rather is a section of suggested folders, system information available at your fingertips, and a central station for the app to work from. You can see documents, downloads, camera roll, music and /system available straight away at launch.

FX also contains a “web access feature” allowing you to control your phone from a web browser. There is also “FX connect” for transferring files between your devices with FX File Explorer, zoom-in and zoom-out nearly anywhere, a well fleshed out text editor, and a shell script executor.

If you’re a power user, FX File Explorer is one of the better options out there for all of your needs. This update is generally a major overhaul of the UI with the addition of new features that readers of XDA may find useful. If you’re looking to try something different from your regular file explorer, give FX File Explorer a try!

Check out the developer’s thread on our Apps & Games forum.

The best flight games for Gear VR

Fly through VR.

Games on Gear VR can take you to amazing places. If you've been looking for awesome flight games that let you pilot a vessel, then you're in luck. From manning a Spitfire in the skies during World War II, to soaring through space firing missiles at enemy spaceships, there are a number of different flight games that can take you to the skies. Finding the ones worth their salt can be pesky though.

That's why we did the work for you and found the best flight games for Gear VR!

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OnePlus Announces Open Ears Forum in London for Live Feedback, Customer Support

We are no strangers to criticism of OnePlus, and have had to endure their customer support. It isn’t terrible as of late, but it wasn’t great either. OnePlus are aware that they have room to improve, and now want to hear what you have to say about their support system in person.

In a recent post on their forum, they have announced their Open Ears Forum in London in September. This event is a simple trip to London to talk to representatives of OnePlus about your experiences of their customer support and what more they can do. To sign up, you simply follow the link on their forum post. The closing date for signup is August 27th. You must live in Europe and have a visa to the UK or live in the EU, and fluent English is a must.

We are going to be holding our first Open Ears Forum in London in September. This is an event where you – our community – will be able to come and share your feedback and suggestions face-to-face with key members of our Senior Leadership team.

– OnePlus

As well, the company pledged to cover the travel expenses. “Travel expenses” in this context refers to transport and hotel for a night, which can, of course, mean you can look around London before or after you attend the event. It’s certainly nice as well to see them taking initiative on a topic that has been seen as the main avenue of criticism for them. An improvement in customer service for OnePlus would serve as an improvement overall for the company.

Many have had poor experiences with the company and may be dying to attend the event, so simply follow the link below to sign up. Let us also know what you think of OnePlus and what your experiences are with their customer support!

Source: OnePlus Forums