ACSI Rates Smartphone Customer Satisfaction: iPhone SE at the Top, Followed by Galaxy S6 Edge+

The American Customer Satisfaction Index is an economic indicator that measures the satisfaction of consumers across the US economy. This is done through survey interviews of random customers based in the US, asking them to evaluate their recent experiences with various products.

The survey data is then used as input to ACSI’s cause-and-effect econometric model, which estimates customer satisfaction as the result of the survey-measured inputs of customer expectations, perceptions of quality and perceptions of value. For the ACSI Telecommunications and Information Report 2017, the results are based on interviews with 36,194 customers over 12 months who were chosen at random but ensured to be actual customers as ASCI practice dictates.

The results for customer satisfaction, and not to be confused with product popularity or sales, are surprising.

Customer satisfaction with cell phones in general is stable at an ACSI score of 79, which is unchanged Year-on-Year. The relatively lower ACSI for the industry compared to other durable goods and consumer electronics is said to be a result of high consumer expectations for mobile devices.

OEM-wise, Apple maintains the lead with an overall ACSI score of 81, unchanged since last year. Microsoft actually went up in ACSI score to tie in with Samsung at 80, which is surprising when you consider that Microsoft has not released any new smartphones in a while. This means that the Windows smartphones in existence continue to meet the expectations of the customer despite their age. Samsung’s second place tie also exists despite the confidence issues that it faced after the Note 7 debacle, though ASCI notes that Note 7 devices were not captured in this data, and neither where the S8 and S8+ as they were released at the end of data collection.

Narrowing down to individual smartphones, the very surprising winner as far as consumer satisfaction is concerned is the iPhone SE. The 4″ iPhone SE ranks in at the top with a score of 87, above smartphones which have displays far larger than the iPhone SE.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ ties in with the iPhone 7 Plus for second place at 86, while the S6 Edge takes the next place with a score of 85. Apple and Samsung continue to dominate this category, which is not surprising considering their popularity, with smartphones from other manufacturers trailing behind.

The table below shows the changes with the core smartphone experience and how satisfied consumers are with them when compared to the past year:

The report then moves onto wireless telephone services: overall, customer satisfaction with wireless telephone service climbed up by 2.8% to 73 as American carriers engaged in increasingly competitive price wars. ACSI states that the wireless industry is a good example of how competition impacts consumer choice as customers have wider in this industry at this point in time.

Interestingly but perhaps not surprisingly, smaller carriers are in the lead with an ACSI score of 79. TracFone Wireless comes in at second position with a score of 75, riding on its acquisition of Walmart Family Mobile from T-Mobile last year. US Cellular comes in third (if you count the smaller carriers as one single entity, which they are not), and it is only then do the big four of US carriers come in with regards customer satisfaction. AT&T even down to score which is slightly lower than the industry average!

When looking at the overall wireless experience, the telecom industry improved on its score for website satisfaction as well as call reliability. The regression is seen in the areas of store and service center staff, speed of store transactions and the difficulty in reading bills.

What are your thoughts on the trends seen in this report? How do you see consumer satisfaction correlating with brand popularity? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Android Pay is now available in Russia

The last new market to get access to Android Pay, Google’s mobile payment option, was New Zealand back in November of last year. Now Android Pay continues its expansion.

Google announced today that Android Pay is now officially available in Russia. The company confirmed that 15 banks will support Android Pay in Russia at launch and that thousands of retailers, including KFC, McDonald’s, and Burger King, will offer mobile payment support at checkout.

The banks that support the option include VTB 24, Yandex.Money, MTS Bank, “Ak Bars,” and others. Russian payment services like Payture and ASSIST also support Android Pay out of the gate as well.

If you’re in Russia and want to use Android Pay, your device must be running Android 4.4 or later and it has to support NFC. You’ll install the Android Pay app from the Play Store, too.

LeEco is cutting 70 percent of its U.S. workforce

LeEco has had its eyes set on the U.S. consumer for quite some time, and the Chinese company officially entered the market in October of last year with the Le Pro and Le S3 smartphones.

Since then, it’s been a relatively quiet approach for the company that has wanted to make waves as big as Apple and Samsung for the “fickle U.S. consumer.” April was a busy month for LeEco, with reports that it was “in trouble” in the United States and the company not handing out year-end bonuses as well as delaying paychecks.

Later in the month it was reported that LeEco would not be finalizing its acquisition of Vizio. Now the bad news continues to roll on. As CNET reports, LeEco is cutting up to 70 percent of its workforce in the United States, about 325 employees.

The reason, according to the report, is a “lack of funding.” It speaks to the fact that LeEco had a bold ambition of expanding into the U.S. market with talk about revolutionizing the way they use their phones and costume content on TVs (plus much more), but without having a recognizable brand name in the new market to back it up.

For what it’s worth, LeEco still plans on operating in the U.S. market, but its scope has diminished quite a bit, with plans to focus on Chinese-speaking homes.

Did you expect big things from LeEco in the U.S.?

Clash of Clans Update Problems & Fixes

Clash of Clans Update Problems & Fixes is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile.

A huge Clash of Clans update arrived in May that brings a whole new dimension to the game, a second village. It’s one of the best updates of 2017, but it’s also causing problems for many gamers. Here we’ll be going over some of the problems users are facing from the latest Clash update and any potential fixes.

Most of the issues are happening on Apple devices, as well as older Samsung smartphones. From weird glitches, games crashing, to not being able to install the update at all.

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While the update added some much-needed balance changes to the regular game, it also delivered a brand new element to Clash of Clans, versus battles that happen in real-time. With each new update, problems arise and we’re here to help.


Heading to the official Supercell Clash of Clans forum users will notice its full of new reports, bugs or issues from the past few days. This is because the May update is causing a lot of problems. This is typical with any big release, and we can expect a few small bug fixing upgrades in the next few days or this weekend.

Can’t Update Clash of Clans

An issue we’re seeing a lot of complaints about is users are unable to install the Clash of Clans update, mainly on iOS devices. There are a few different problems happening here at once. For general tips about Clash on iOS click here.

The reason most can’t install the Clash of Clans update is because they’re on an old and outdated version of iOS (Apple software) that is no longer supported. Starting with the May Clash of Clans update the game will no longer work on any iPhone, iPod or iPad running software older than iOS 7.0. Like the original iPad or an iPhone 3GS. Update to the latest software or get a new device.

Also, those on iOS can try uninstalling Clash of Clans and reinstalling it. Then just sign into Game Center and restore your entire village back to your device and Apple ID account. Make sure it’s saved so you can restore the game first, otherwise you could potentially lose everything. That would be awful. More details for transferring accounts is right here.

Samsung Clash of Clans Problems

Millions of players with a Samsung device cannot update to the latest version or the game will not load. This is a known issue and Supercell is working on a fix. It looks like a behind the scenes tweak to the Google Play Store listing fixed part of the problem, but not all of it. If you have an older device like the Galaxy S3, try updating again as it should now be available.

For those with a Samsung phone that can’t load Clash or it freezes halfway, try clearing the cache and re-installing the game. Otherwise, wait for a fix from Supercell. Back up your game before you uninstall it, to avoid losing your village and progress. Head into Settings > Apps > All Apps > Find Clash of Clans and hit clear cache. Then restart the game and try to play.

And finally, on some Samsung devices the game is pixellated and set at a low resolution. This is a known problem that is due to a feature on Samsung phones. Users need to download Samsung’s Game Tuner app, and probably Game Services (Game Mode) to fix the problem in settings. Change graphics to max, and 60 fps. This is from improved graphics APIs in the update. Click here for more details.

Clash of Clans Tiny Font (Galaxy S8)

The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ both have huge screens that are long and skinny, as does the LG G6.

The May Clash of Clans update added support for full-screen mode on the Galaxy S8. However, this made the font tiny, messed up graphics, and in war, some villages are not visible on the screen. You can try heading to Settings > Display > and toggle off full-screen mode, but it’s grayed out for most. Supercell is aware of the problem and will be updating the game in the near future to fix this problem.

In the meantime, Galaxy S8 owners can head into Settings > Display > screen zoom & font and increase the screen zoom to medium or make the font bigger. This is a temporary fix as it makes everything on your phone bigger, not just the game.

Archers and Wizards Missing from Towers

After the May update, dozens of players have reported the Archers and Wizards are missing from their towers. This is a glitch that Supercell is aware of, and are working on a fix. This will not affect your defense during attacks and a simple reboot should fix it. Expect an update soon to solve this minor glitch.

Special Offers Not Being Delivered

The team at Supercell has added “Special Offers” or special packs players can buy back in October of 2016, but they’re still occasionally having issues with this.

The only problem is users are spending real money, and not getting what is promised. This is a huge issue, but Supercell will refund anyone or re-send your special offers.


The offer above is $9.99 and gets you 1200 Gems. That’s how much 1200 gems costs on any given day. However, this special pack rewards those who buy it a decent chunk of gold and a level 2 Bomb Tower completely free. The Bomb Tower is 2 million gold, and 3.5 million to upgrade. So you’re getting a lot for free by spending $10.

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Countless users on the forum and all over Twitter have confirmed rewards sometimes don’t come through, or they only received the gems. Some bought the $20 pack for 15 million gold and didn’t get anything. You can contact Supercell with the in-game controls and request a refund. Most likely they will respond and say to wait, as it will arrive within the next 1-2 hours. Supercell is able to track who does or doesn’t receive the offer and resend it. Eventually, the offer will arrive or you can request a refund.

Not Enough Eligible Members

In 2016 Supercell added a Friendly Clan Challenge or Friendly Clan Wars. Some are having problems but that’s because you don’t have enough players. You’re able to start a friendly war with 5v5, 10v10 and so on, in increments of 5.

Most players are getting an error that states “Not Enough Eligible Members” and the war won’t start. Make sure none have been in an active war within the past 24 hours, and make sure each clan has more than 5-10 eligible players. Any other issues with this have since been resolved.

Can’t Build Two Troops at the Same Time

The entire interface for brewing troops and spells or creating an army changed in October, and happens automatically at Builders Base. Now we can hit “retrain” to use the same army as previous battles, instead of tapping 20 times to make troops like before. There’s also 3 pre-sets to make specific attack styles for any situation.

Troops brew one at a time now and has been this way for months. Those coming back to the game after the update may be confused. This is the new method, so get used to it. This seems longer, but build times are heavily reduced from the past.

Game Crashes

After the update, a lot of users are experiencing crashes. The game works fine for most things, but the minute you try to find or start a battle the game crashes or closes. Some are claiming it freezes while traveling between each village.

If you can’t play at all right now we suggest reinstalling the game or try clearing the cache in the Android application manager through settings. Similar to the steps mentioned above. We recommend you backup your village first or sync it to Google Play Games. In the next few days, Supercell will release an update to fix any small problems from the May release.

Banned After Update

Were you banned from Clash of Clans and after the update can’t play? If so, you were probably cheating or using some mods and illegal software. There’s a tool built-in that detect these applications and changes on smartphones and tablets. If detected you’ll instantly be banned permanently from the game.

Supercell has warned cheaters time and time again, and in late 2016 started banning anyone caught cheating. If you feel there was a mistake, contact Supercell.

Other Details

The May Clash of Clans update is one of the biggest in the history of the game. There are tons of changes, new features, and the all-new Builders Base. It’s almost an entirely new game inside of Clash of Clans. Problems will surface, but Supercell is quick to fix things. We’ll add more details as soon as Supercell releases a bug fixing update or explains some of the Samsung issues. Not to mention add more problems, bugs or fixes as they become available.

If you can, download the latest Clash of Clans May update today and enjoy all the new content. Drop us a comment below if you’re experiencing any other issues.

Clash of Clans Update Problems & Fixes is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile.

Google’s Experimental “Chrome Home” gets a Redesigned New Tab Page

Google is constantly at work bringing new features to the most popular Internet browser in the world – Chrome. Although most new features take weeks or even months before ever getting into the hands of most users, it’s possible to try out new features by enabling certain experimental flags in chrome://flags. One such feature, known as “Chrome Home”, is a visual overhaul of Chrome’s user interface. When the flag is enabled, the address bar moves to the bottom of the screen.

Over time, Google has updated Chrome Home with more enhancements. Most notably, the feature now offers quick access to recently opened webpages, downloads, bookmarks, and your browsing history. As it is right now, the experimental Chrome Home interface has become my default setup. And thanks to a recent change to the way new tab pages are displayed, my choice is solidified.

The main difference with this change is that opening a new tab now overlays on top of the existing tabs. This essentially turns the new tab page interface into a card carousel much like the interface looks without Chrome Home enabled.

This change has only recently rolled out in the Chrome Canary builds. You can activate it by first enabling the Chrome Home flag then enabling the Chrome Home NTP Redesign flag.


This change won’t remain an experiment much longer, however, as the most recent nightly build of Chromium for Android includes the Chrome Home NTP Redesign enabled by default (and actually removes the flag from chrome://flags).

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Lastly, you may have noticed that there’s another new flag in the screenshot above. The Chrome Home Expand Button is a very minor change as all it adds is an icon to the address bar that, when pressed, expands the bottom bar. This may be useful if you are using the browser one-handed and would prefer not having to swipe up to access the address bar.


Those are some of the notable changes that are now present in alpha builds of the Chrome browser. We’ll keep a lookout for any more interesting Chrome flags that make their way into Google’s popular Internet browser.