iOS 11 Release Date: 10 Things to Watch For

iOS 11 Release Date: 10 Things to Watch For is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.

As we approach the iOS 11 release date there are a few things you’ll want to watch for.

Apple still hasn’t confirmed an official iOS 11 release date but all signs point to an arrival sometime next month. The company’s new iPhone 8 is heavily rumored for September and new iOS software always arrives alongside new iPhone hardware.

With an iOS 11 release date probably just a few short weeks away, now is a good time to start preparing to transition your device from iOS 10.3.3 (or whatever you’re currently on) to Apple’s new operating system.

We’ve been keeping a close eye on Apple’s ongoing iOS 11 beta and we recently released some early iOS 11 release date tips which include a few things you should do before the update arrives.

Today we want to show you about a few things you should be keeping track of if you own an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that’s getting the bump up to iOS 11 this fall.

iOS 11 looks similar to Apple’s iOS 10 update but there are some major changes you’ll want to be aware of as the release approaches.

There are also some smaller events and details you should keep an eye out for as we move through the month of August into the month of September.

Watch for New iOS 11 Beta Updates

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Watch for New iOS 11 Beta Updates

The first thing you'll want to keep an eye out for on the road to the iOS 11 release date are new iOS 11 beta releases from Apple.

Apple continues to refine the iOS 11 update as we approach the final release. The latest release, iOS 11 beta 5, delivers bug fixes and some essential tweaks. It's also stripped away the update's highly anticipated iCloud Messages feature. 

If you aren't trying the iOS 11 beta on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch it's important to get familiar with these changes ahead.

Monitoring the iOS 11 beta will also provide you with essential feedback about the update's performance on your device. This feedback could prove to be extremely valuable, especially if you're using an older device like the iPhone 5s. 

Newer software can often ruin performance on older devices so make sure you dig into Apple's final iOS 11 beta updates for information about potential benefits and problems. 

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iOS 11 Release Date: 10 Things to Watch For is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.

15 iOS 11 Release Date Tips

15 iOS 11 Release Date Tips is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.

The iOS 11 release date is probably just a few weeks away which means iPhone and iPad users should start preparing for its arrival.

Apple’s released a new iOS 11 beta 7 to developers just one week after releasing beta 6 and just two weeks after the release of beta 5. The company appears to be ramping up its testing ahead of the official release.

The iOS 11 update is confirmed for the fall but the company still hasn’t attached a specific release date to its next operating system though all signs point to a release next month.

New iOS operating systems typically arrive alongside new iPhone hardware. Apple hasn’t announced its next batch of iPhones but rumors point to an iPhone 8 launch sometime in September. If Apple sticks to its usual iOS release protocol, we should see iOS 11 arrive a few days before the iPhones hit shelves in the United States and countries around the world.

With an iOS 11 release date inching closer for select iPhone and iPad models, you should be paying close attention to iOS 10’s eventual successor.

iOS 11 isn’t coming to the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c or iPad 4 but it is coming to popular devices like the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and iPhone 7.

If you own a device that’s compatible with iOS 11, take a look a these early iOS 11 release date tips. They’ll help you make a smooth transition from iOS 10 (or whatever version of iOS you’re currently on) to the iOS 11.

Learn About iOS 11

It’s August which means iOS 11’s fall release date is only a few weeks away. If you haven’t been paying attention to the iOS 11 update and its beta, now would be a good time to start getting familiar with the changes.

The iOS 11 update continues to evolve as Apple and its army of developers and beta testers put it through its paces. In the weeks since its June arrival, we’ve seen the company tweak features, add enhancements, and fix a whole lot of bugs.

You might love some of these changes. You might hate them. But you’ll never know if you don’t dig into the update ahead of its release date.

It’s important to be comfortable with an update before you download it. In the case of iOS 11, you’ll want to be extremely comfortable because of the cosmetic changes it has on board.

For instance Control Center, that menu that appears when you swipe up from the bottom of your screen, it’s completely different in iOS 11.

If you don’t want to try the iOS 11 beta on your iPhone or iPad (we highly recommend using a spare device if you have one), take a look at our iOS 11 vs. iOS 10 walkthrough to get acquainted with the key differences between the two.

Apple’s released its own iOS 11 guide that highlights some of the major changes coming to its mobile devices this fall.

The company’s also released its own set of iOS 11 tips for the iPad Pro. iOS 11 will be a substantial update for the the iPad Pro and Apple’s other iPad models.

Don’t Count on iOS 10.3.4 or iOS 10.4

If you’re dealing with iOS 10 problems, on iOS 10.3.3 or something older, don’t sit around hoping for an iOS 10.3.4 release.

While it would be great to see Apple push out an iOS 10.3.4 update to address iOS 10.3.3 problems and lingering iOS 10 issues, the odds of a release are extremely slim.

These days, Apple puts its maintenance releases through extensive betas. To give you some idea, the iOS 10.3.3 update went through six betas before it was released to the public. The iOS 10.3.2 update went through five.

Apple could surprise us but at this point we’re guessing the company’s shifted its resources to iOS 11 and its release.

If you’re dealing with iOS 10 problems you’ll need to be extremely proactive in the weeks ahead. We expect the iOS 11 update to fix some iOS 10 issues but that probably won’t be its focus.

For a list of fixes for common iOS 10 problems, check out our guide.

Start Preparing for iOS 11

It might seem early but it’s really never too early to prepare for the next iOS update. There’s always work to be done.

As we approach the iOS 11 release date, here are a few tips iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users should keep in mind:

  • Use the time between now and the iOS 11 release date to cleanup your device. Get rid of files (apps, music, etc), anything you no longer use. Cleaning up your device could also improve your device’s performance.
  • Start backing up your data. If you don’t know where to start, you’ll want to research iCloud backups, iTunes backups, and the differences between the two.
  • If you want to download iOS 11 right when it comes out, make sure your device has at least a 50% charge (or you’re near a charger) around 10AM Pacific.
  • Track down all of your login information. Make sure you have the device’s passcode, Apple ID, and your important logins ready on release day. The iOS 11 update could log you out of various apps and services.

This might seem tedious but a little prep work should help you avoid major problems during the iOS 11 installation process. It’ll also help you avoid headaches once the software’s up and running on your phone or tablet.

When to Check for iOS 11

It’s difficult to predict the iOS 11 release date but the release time is extremely easy to pin down. Here are a few things to keep in mind as we approach the iOS 11 release date.

  • Apple will likely confirm an iOS 11 release date on stage with its new iPhones. You don’t need to check for iOS 11 before that, unless you’re using the iOS 11 beta.
  • iOS updates almost always arrive around 10AM Pacific.
  • This 10AM release time applies to iOS 11 beta releases as well.
  • iOS betas typically come every 1-2 weeks, usually on Monday but sometimes on Tuesday-Thursday.

Again, we expect the iOS 11 update to emerge in September, not August, so there’s no reason to check your phone or tablet for new updates this month unless you’re using the iOS 11 beta.

How Long Will the iOS 11 Update Take?

We expect iOS 11 to be a pretty sizable update so you can expect it to take much longer than a bug fix update like iOS 10.3.3.

The iOS 11 update will almost certainly be over 1GB for most iPhones and iPads so you can expect the download to take a few minutes to complete. If you decide to download iOS 11 on release day, you’ll encounter much longer download times.

The exact download and installation time will vary based on your device and your current version of iOS.

If you’re going to be upgrading from something older than iOS 10.3.3, your iOS 11 install will take awhile because it will include features and fixes from the updates you missed.

We’ll know more once Apple releases the iOS 11 GM.

Dig Into iOS 10 Updates If You Need To

If you decided not to download iOS 10.3.3, iOS 10.3, or iOS 10, make sure you look into those updates before you download the iOS 11 update on your phone.

If you skipped iOS 10.3 or iOS 10 entirely, the changes from the updates you skipped will be baked into your version of iOS 10.

This includes new features (iOS 10.3 delivered a ton of them earlier this year), bug fixes, and important security patches.

We’ve put together a guide that will walk you through all of the key changes in the most recent versions of iOS 10 and you’ll want to get comfortable with those before you download the iOS 11 update to your phone, tablet, or iPod touch.

Be on the Lookout for the iOS 11 GM

The iOS 11 beta 7 isn’t the iOS 11 Gold Master (GM) which means we’ll get at least one more beta before the final version of iOS 11 is released to the public.

Apple’s iOS 11 GM release, the last iOS 11 beta, will probably arrive sometime next month. Last year, Apple released the iOS 10 GM on September 8th, a few days before iOS 10’s September 13th release date.

This will be an important milestone because the company’s iOS 11 GM will be virtually identical to the version of iOS 11 Apple rolls out to the general public.

In the days between the iOS 11 GM release and the official release it would be a good idea to dig into feedback from testers. Take note of any new features and missing features. You’ll also want to gather feedback about the GM’s performance on your phone or tablet.

It’ll help you decide if you want to install iOS 11 or stay put on iOS 10.

Prepare for iOS 11 Problems

If you choose to install the iOS 11 update on release day there’s a chance you’ll run into an issue during or after the installation process finishes up.

The iOS 11 beta will squash a ton of bugs but you can expect issues to carry over into the final release. Common issues include severe battery drain, problems with Bluetooth, broken Wi-Fi, and app instability.

Sometimes it can take a couple of days for an update to settle in. If you notice weird battery life on release day, give it a day or two to even out. If problems persist after two days with iOS 11, or if the issues are serious, you’ll want to take action.

There are tons of resources out there but our list of fixes for common iOS problems is a great place to start. If you don’t consider yourself an expert, you’ll want to bookmark those fixes so you’re ready to tackle problems as soon as they popup.

If you can’t fix your problem and/or you want to help the community, you’ll want to report any iOS 11 problems you encounter on your device.

You can relay your problem to Apple Support on Twitter or you get into contact with Apple Support via the company’s website.

We also recommend reporting your problem on Apple’s Discussion forums to alert Apple, and other iOS 11 users, to your issue.

You Can “Test” iOS 11

If you don’t want to download the iOS 11 beta on your device (and we don’t blame you now that we’re this close to the official release), you can take the official version of iOS 11 for a test drive, provided you’re already on iOS 10.3.3 when it arrives.

For a short time, Apple will allow you to downgrade from iOS 11 to iOS 10. Apple is no longer signing off on iOS 10.3.2 or iOS 10.3.1 so you won’t be able to drop back to either of those updates.

It is, however, signing on iOS 10.3.3, the current version of iOS 10, and we expect that to continue through the iOS 11 release.

Most of you will probably want to stick it out on iOS 11 but others might benefit from dropping back down to iOS 10.

Downgrading could help improve your device’s performance. It’ll also restore iOS 11 features you hate (like Control Center) to their former glory.

Be Ready to Downgrade to iOS 10

If you aren’t familiar with the iOS downgrade process, now is a good time to get familiar with it.

Apple won’t sign off on iOS 10 forever. We expect the iOS 10.3.3 downgrade loophole to close soon after the release of iOS 11. Probably within a few weeks.

The company won’t give you a date on stage or in a press release. It will close it on a day of its choosing without any kind of warning.

Once the loopholes to iOS 10 are closed, they’re closed forever. Apple won’t magically open the iOS 10 update back up.

If you’ve downgraded before, you should be in good shape for iOS 11. If you haven’t, make sure you get comfortable with the process ahead of the release date.

How to Get Off the iOS 11 Beta

If you decide to try the iOS 11 beta on your device and you don’t want to get thrown onto the next iOS 11 beta (we could see a new one released shortly after the official release date), you’ll want to unenroll from the iOS 11 beta before or shortly after the final version of iOS 11 is released.

It can be a bit tricky so you’ll want to get familiar with the process right now so that you’re ready to move once Apple pushes the official update.

Avoid iOS 11 If You’re Jailbroken

If you want to keep your jailbreak you’ll want to avoid the iOS 11 update (and the iOS 11 beta) when it arrives. It’s as simple as that.

Jailbreak developers have reportedly jailbroken at least one version of the iOS 11 beta. Thus far, they’ve kept the jailbreak private and it’s unclear if they’ll release a public jailbreak tool for iOS 11 beta users. At this point, that probably won’t happen.

Instead, we’ll probably see jailbreak developers save the iOS 11 jailbreak for the official version of the software. Unfortunately, there’s no telling how long it might take.

To be safe, you’ll want to avoid iOS 11 when it arrives.

If You’re in IT, Start Getting Ready

If you work in IT you should start prepping for iOS 11’s arrival.

BlackBerry recently posted a blog telling IT professionals they need to be proactive ahead of the iOS 11 release date. The company says “iOS 11 will present challenges that IT will have to overcome in order to support mobile workers on the new OS.”

From its blog:

Make sure your users have the latest version of all apps, as many third party apps will require updates to run properly on iOS 11. Most app updates will be downloaded automatically to a user’s device, provided they have auto-update enabled. That said, it may still be worthwhile to communicate the importance of using the latest apps for iOS 11, and to encourage users to update manually.

BlackBerry, like many others, believes Apple will release iOS 11 next month.

Keep an Eye Out for App Updates

As we get closer to the release date we’ll start to see iOS 11 support updates trickle out. Make sure you keep an eye out for these releases because they’ll help to stabilize your applications with bug fixes and enhancements.

You Don’t Need to Install iOS 11

The iOS 11 update is a huge upgrade and its been generating a ton of buzz since Apple’s WWDC 2017 announcement in June. You might be feeling some of that excitement. If you are, you might be tempted to download the iOS 11 update right when it’s released.

For some of you, particularly those using the iOS 11 beta, that’s a sound plan. Many others will be better off taking a rain check. For a few days at least.

Apple won’t force you to install iOS 11. The choice is yours. So make sure you make the right call for you and your device.

There are plenty of reasons to avoid installing on day one. For instance, new iOS updates tend to wreck havoc on older devices. If you own an iPhone 5s, consider waiting a few days for feedback about iOS 11 performance to emerge.

Take your time with iOS 11. Dig into feedback if you need to. This way, you’re aware of the update’s potential benefits and problems.

4 Reasons Not to Install iOS 11 Beta & 9 Reasons You Should

Install the If You Want to Improve the Final Version of iOS 11

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Install the If You Want to Improve the Final Version of iOS 11

Have you ever installed a new iOS update only to discover problems on board your device? If you've experienced frustrating iOS problems, you might want to give the iOS 11 beta a shot. 

The iOS 11 beta lets you try out new features but it also helps Apple improve the software ahead of the release in the fall. 

Your beta testing could prevent a major problem or a minor bug from appearing in the final iOS 11 release for your device.  

If you're sick and tired of running into problems with iOS updates, do something about it. Download the iOS 11 beta and hunt for bugs. 

If you find something lurking in the latest iOS 11 beta, make sure you report it to Apple

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15 iOS 11 Release Date Tips is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.

How to Customize iOS 11 Control Center

How to Customize iOS 11 Control Center is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.

The new iOS 11 Control Center offers a completely new look and can be somewhat confusing to use. With the new Control Center in iOS 11, you see a lot more information on the screen, and you can customize it to see as little or as much as you want.

There are still some limitations to what you can add to the Control Center, but Apple now lets you change what you see, where the location of buttons are and even adds in 3D Touch support to quickly change settings and options.

You cannot go back to the old Control Center on iOS 11, but there is a limited time to downgrade to iOS 10.3.3 after the update arrives this fall if you can’t adjust to this new way set of shortcuts in iOS 11.

The iOS 11 Control Center is still accessible with a swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen on the home screen or inside most apps and offers access to WiFi, Music, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb and many other controls.

How to Customize the iOS 11 Control Center

This is how you customize the iOS 11 Control Center to see the options you use most, get rid of annoying options and arrange the order of your Control Center controls on your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Open the Settings App.
  2. Tap on Control Center.
  3. Tap on Customize Controls.
    Customize the iOS 11 Control Center.
    Customize the iOS 11 Control Center.
  4. Tap the Red Minus Sign to remove a control.
  5. Tap the Green Plus Sign to add a control.
  6. Tap and Hold on the three lines to the right and then drag up or down to change the order of controls that you added to the iOS 11 Control Center.

You can change this as much as you want to dial in something that works for your needs. Once you have these setup, you’ll find that you can 3D Touch the controls on phones that support it to access more options under each of the controls.

Pushing in on most of the controls launches more options inside of Control Center. This lets you turn WiFi on and off, turn on a personal hotspot, change music, control smart home devices, set timers, launch the front facing camera and much more. Spend a little time experimenting with that you can control from the iOS 11 Control Center screen. You no longer need to swipe left or right to get to the options you want to use or see like you did on iOS 10, which is a big improvement.

iOS 11 vs iOS 10: What’s New in iOS 11

iOS 11 iMessage Upgrades

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iOS 11 iMessage Upgrades

iMessages continue to be one of the biggest iPhone and iPad features that Apple offers. In fact, it's a major reason we don't switch from the iPhone to Android. Apple ramps up the options in the iOS 11 update with tweaks and new features for iMessages. 

There is a new iMessage App Drawer so that it is easier to find the apps you want while you are in an iMessage conversation. This means you can use the iMessage apps to send stickers and other short bits of information to people faster on iOS 11. 

Apple also now offers Messages in iCloud. This allows you to keep all of your iMessage and Text conversations in sync across your devices using iCloud. This also means that if you delete a conversation it is deleted across all devices. This will also help keep large message thread storage in check without the need to delete threads all the time. 


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How to Customize iOS 11 Control Center is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.

How to Get Microsoft Office on the iPad

How to Get Microsoft Office on the iPad is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.

Here’s how to get Microsoft Office on the iPad. Once you do, you can create documents, manage spreadsheets and craft presentations the way you’ve become accustomed to on your Windows PC or Mac.

People use Apple’s iPads to watch videos, browse the internet and listen to music already. These same users could replace their Windows notebook or desktop with them for work if only they installed Microsoft Office on their device.

It’s all about compatibility and familiarity. Apple includes free access to its iWork suite of apps with every iPad purchase. These apps work well, but many users already interact with Microsoft Office in some way. Schools and large businesses rely on Outlook, PowerPoint, Word and Excel. For people who learn and work at places using Office already, it’s easier to go with what they know than to try something new, even if it is free. You are probably one of them.

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Use Office Online on the iPad

The cheapest way to get Office on the iPad is Office Online. It’s free to access, and you don’t have to install any apps from the iTunes Store to use it.

That’s because Office Online is a collection of web apps. There’s Word Online for creating documents, and Excel Online lets you edit and view spreadsheets. PowerPoint Online handles presentations. By default, Office Online stores the documents that you create on OneDrive, however, you can download your files for offline editing when you get to a PC with Office installed on it.

The mobile apps and Office Online have fewer features than the desktop apps that users get with an Office 365 Subscription.

Read: How to Use Microsoft Office for Free

Some limitations keep Office Online from being the perfect solution for everyone. First, because it’s made of web apps, you can’t work on any of your files without an internet connection. This is fine in most situations, but not great for planes and trains where internet connectivity is spotty.

Second, Office Online isn’t as powerful as other versions of Microsoft Office. It has basic formatting tools, but Office Add-Ins and power user features are missing from each of the web applications.

Finally, Office Online is missing some apps that some businesses use every day. There isn’t a traditional Outlook Online web app in Office Online. Instead, Microsoft recommends that users set up with a custom domain or purchase an Exchange Online subscription. There’s no online version of Access, Microsoft’s database tool, either.

Use Office Mobile Apps Office 365

Though not the cheapest way to get Microsoft Office on the iPad, the Office Mobile apps are the best way to stay productive on your Apple-made tablet.

The Office Mobile suite consists of Word Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile, Excel Mobile and OneNote Mobile. Each of these apps is free to download in the iTunes Store now.

These apps are better than Office Online because they have more features. You don’t need an internet connection to use them, and they support the iPad’s native features and controls. For example, you can use text to speech to dictate documents in Word. Also, these apps support the iPad’s side-by-side multitasking features.

Whereas Office Online doesn’t offer a traditional Outlook experience, there is an Outlook Mobile app that connects to, Gmail, Yahoo and any other kind of email account you have.

The Office Mobile apps and Office Online do share one limitation. They have more features than their online counterparts, but every option from the Mac and PC versions of Office isn’t available in them.

Their biggest limitation is their price. Unlike Office Online, these apps only let you view documents you’ve created for free. What’s more, you can’t buy the apps outright like you can other iPad apps.

office 365 installer

Instead, you need a business or personal subscription to Microsoft’s Office 365 service. Office 365 Personal costs $6.99 a month for one PC or Mac, one tablet and one smartphone. An Office 365 Home subscription costs $9.99 for a family of five, and each user gets one install per device.

Besides, unlocking the Office Mobile apps, subscribers get a terabyte of OneDrive storage, sixty Skype minutes and Office 2016 downloads for their Windows PC or Mac.

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Use Microsoft Office Alternatives Instead

If neither of these solutions works for you, don’t write off Microsoft Office alternatives. Many of them can handle the same file types as Office Online and Office Mobile. What’s more, some have cover charges instead of a monthly or yearly subscription. Others are free to use.

Start by trying out Apple’s iWork suite. Pages is Apple’s replacement for Microsoft Word, and Numbers is the company’s answer to Microsoft Excel. You can create presentations in Keynote. These apps are free on your iPad and iPhone, and Apple also has web versions of these apps available at

Read: Google Office Apps vs Office 365

Google Docs is another solid Microsoft Office alternative on the iPad. Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms are available as free apps on the iPad and online through your web browser. Add-Ins let you add new features to them, just like some versions of Microsoft Office support.

8 Best 10.5-inch iPad Pro Cases

Apple Leather Sleeve for 10.5-inch iPad Pro

 1 / 8
Apple Leather Sleeve for 10.5-inch iPad Pro

The Apple Leather Sleeve is a fashionable leather 10.5-inch iPad Pro case that holds your new iPad and the Apple Pencil. This is not a cheap iPad Pro case, clocking in at $129 and it will not protect your iPad Pro while you are using it.

Even with those limitations, it is one of our favorites due to the look and the protection that it provides to the Apple Pencil. The slip at the top allows you to store the pencil safely without worrying that the tip will break or the cap will disappear. 

This total package is slim enough to slide into a backpack when you need to carry this on a trip, yet sturdy enough to function as a standalone case to go to the coffee shop or work. 

$129 at Apple

 1 / 8

How to Get Microsoft Office on the iPad is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.

CBS All Access: 6 Things You Need to Know Before You Subscribe

CBS All Access: 6 Things You Need to Know Before You Subscribe is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.

There are as many ways to cut your cable subscription as there are movies and television shows to watch. CBS All Access is a new service made for cable cutters that are ready to abandon broadcast television too.

Like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime Video, CBS All Access is a video subscription service. A $5.99 monthly fee unlocks thousands of old television shows for you, and the CBS All Access library includes thousands of classic shows. It’s one of the many ways you can watch episodes of Star Trek and The Twilight Zone.

But, CBS All Access isn’t just a way to watch television shows that have already aired. There are TV shows available to subscribers that others can’t watch. The service is the only way to watch The Good Fight, and Star Trek fans will need a membership to watch Star Trek: Discovery this fall. Reality TV show fans can watch what’s happening in the Big Brother house in real-time through the app’s live feeds.

And if all that wasn’t enough, CBS All Access offers live television, so that users who really want to see a new episode of NCIS or watch live sports don’t need to connect an antenna to their television. In this way, it’s an alternative to Sling TV and PlayStation Vue.

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Here’s what you need to know about CBS All Access before and after you purchase a subscription to watch your favorite shows.

Whether You Want Commercials or Not Changes the CBS All Access Price

CBS All Access’ price depends on how much you’re willing to pay for an uninterrupted TV binge and movie binge. Everyone has access to the same shows and movies, however, not everyone can skip commercials. The cheapest CBS All Access plan costs $5.99 a month or $59.99 a year. Expect to see commercials with this option. Binging your favorite television shows without interruption costs $9.99 a month or $99.99. To cover costs, CBS adds a $1 when you subscribe through the iTunes Store.

You can also add Showtime to your CBS All Access subscription if the content it offers isn’t enough for you. A CBS All Access Limited Commercials Plan + Showtime bundle cost $14.99 a month. Adding Showtime’s content to a Commercial Free Plan increases the monthly price to $18.99.

Anyone can try CBS All Access free for a week.

What You Can Watch on CBS All Access Today

Today, a CBS All Access subscription unlocks more than 8,500 television show episodes. This number includes programming made for the service, shows that have aired on broadcast television and a small set of films from MGM and CBS Films.

The service’s prime time line-up includes entire seasons of 60 Minutes, 2 Broke Girls, CSI: New Orléans, Criminal Minds, Elementary, Hawaii Five-O, NCIS and NCIS New Orléans. Besides adding new episodes when they air, the network has each show’s complete catalog. You may find a show or two that breaks this rule. For example, only The Big Bang Theory’s last 7 episodes are available in CBS All Access today.

The bulk of CBS All Access’ library comes from classic shows. Stark Trek, Frasier, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Mission Impossible, Perry Mason and The Brady Bunch are a few of the big-name programs ready to watch with a subscription.

Finally, CBS All Access subscribers can stream CBS Daytime and CBS News programming. This line-up includes CBS Sunday Morning, 60 Minutes, Face the Nation, CBS This Morning, The Bold and the Beautiful, Let’s Make a Deal and The Price is Right.

Look through a full list of CBS All Access program before subscribing here.

CBS All Access is the Only Place to Watch Star Trek: Discovery

There are three shows meant to lure you into subscribing to CBS All Access. None of these shows have aired anywhere else – including CBS’ broadcast network.

The Good Fight is the only original drama series that you can watch today. It stars Christine Baranski, who continues her character from The Good Wife. Its entire 10-episode first season is available today.

Big Brother: Over the Top is the first reality TV show to be produced by a streaming service, according to CBS. It’s still hosted by Julie Chen, and subscribers get exclusive access to live camera feeds and additional footage directly from the Big Brother House.

Star Trek: Discovery is CBS All Access’ third original show. It’s a continuation of the Star Trek TV shows that used to run on the network before Paramount revived the film franchise. Discovery takes place before the original Star Trek show, it seems. One episode will air on CBS’ broadcast channel on September 24th before the show moves to CBS All Access permanently.

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You Can Use CBS All Access to Watch Sports & Live TV

Depending on where you live, you can use your CBS All Access subscription to enjoy everything that your local broadcast channel airs that isn’t available on-demand.

Sports fans benefit from this the most. Any sporting event that airs on your CBS broadcast station, won’t be blocked out. This includes regular season NFL games. You do have to make sure you are using the CBS All Access app for your television for NFL games, sadly. Those can’t be streamed to a smartphone.

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Unfortunately, you should expect one major problem with watching live TV and sports through the service specifically. Like some other video services, content deals in your area decide whether you can use the feature. Use the Check Availability link to see if this is available in your area before you subscribe.

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You Can Watch CBS All Access Anywhere

CBS All Access is available on just about every platform you could want to watch on. Most users are well covered. CBS All Access is available on iPhone and any device running Google’s Android operating system. Remember, these apps don’t let you stream NFL games. You can watch on your laptop or tablet with the iPad and Windows 10 app if your smartphone’s display is too small for you. There are no viewing restrictions on these apps.

The best place to CBS All Access is in a living room. The service has Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, PS4, Xbox One and Google Chromecast experiences. These devices don’t have NFL viewing restrictions either.

You Can’t Use CBS All Access Outside the United States

Finally, don’t subscribe to CBS All Access if you travel outside of the United States or visit Puerto Rico frequently. A subscription only grants streaming rights within the country and doesn’t cover U.S. territories, according to CBS All Access FAQ entry.

All told, CBS All Access is a great way to watch television, and it could get better if CBS continues its push to add shows that you can’t watch anywhere else. If you’re planning to get rid of cable and you love CBS, add it to your list of services to try.

CBS All Access: 6 Things You Need to Know Before You Subscribe is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.