LG V30 Press Render Gives Us Our Closest Look Yet

We’ve been hearing about the LG V30 for quite a while now with our own sources telling us LG will indeed be ditching the phone’s iconic secondary display. It was later rumored that LG would still keep this functionality, but in what was being called a “Floating Bar.” This was even confirmed by LG themselves in a feature article highlighting the device’s software. This is just the tip of the iceberg about what we know about the LG V30 so far too.

The South Korean electronics maker is known for releasing a second variant of their flagship smartphones sometime after the launch of the original. This happened with the LG G6 this year and it looks as if it will be happening with the LG V30 as well. However, recent reports indicate that LG will be launching the LG V30+ at the same time they launch the LG V30. However, they’ll likely be following their tradition of only releasing this second variant in select markets.

Even LG has gotten in on revealing details about their upcoming flagship smartphone early. They published another article highlighting the camera used on the LG V30 and claiming it will be the clearest lens ever to be featured in a smartphone. A press release even showed they’re using Immersion’s TouchSense technology for high-definition haptics on the device as well. We even got our first real life photos of the LG V30 from a marketing campaign earlier this month.

The leaks continued yesterday as Evan Blass uploaded a press render of the LG V30 that lets us see the device from all sides. It looks like they’re taking a number of design cues from the LG G6 such as the slim top and bottom bezel, the glass back, and the metal frame. The frame, at least in this render, looks much more polished that what we’re used to with the LG G6 though. Volume buttons will be on the left and the power button will be embedded in the rear fingerprint sensor.

Source: @evleaks

Freshly leaked LG V30 renders reveal front, rear, and sides of the handset

We’ve seen and heard a fair bit about the LG V30, despite that its official unveiling is still two weeks away. The device has been spotted in real life photos as well as renders, the most recent of which all point towards the same design. A new leak from tipster @evleaks supports this once again, giving us another solid look at what will, in all likelihood, arrive on August 31.

The press renders, which were featured in a tweet yesterday, reveal the device’s front, back, and sides in a silver color variant. Those who have seen the LG G6 should be familiar with the overall design philosophy, but the handset differs from its predecessor, the LG V20 in some significant ways.

It’s immediately noticeable that LG has seemingly managed to reduce the bezel sizes to include a larger display, but you’ll also see that the secondary display is no longer in place (you can see this at the top of the V20 picture below). LG has ditched this in favor of a new “floating bar” instead, something which can be swiped off the display when not in use. This would provide shortcuts to different options and settings, and LG has already revealed a few details about it — read more on that here.

Also, notice that the V30 doesn’t appear to include a power button — this has seemingly been integrated into the fingerprint sensor on the rear of the device.

Aside from the optimized display area and the potential software innovations, LG is also making a big deal of the V30’s camera capabilities. It will be the first major smartphone product to house a camera with an f/1.6 aperture lens, said to receive 25 percent more light when compared to an f/1.8 lens like found on the LG G6 (which itself has an excellent camera). This should provide for better photos when shooting in environments with low light.

For more on what you can expect to see from LG’s upcoming conference, visit our dedicated LG V30 rumors article here.

Evan Blass shares the front, back, and sides of the LG V30

There it is. An image showing the LG V30 from nearly every angle has leaked. Evan Blass, the mobile industry insider at VentureBeat, just gave us the best look yet at LG’s upcoming phone by showing the front, back, and sides. Although it’ll still belong to the V series, the V30 marks a clear pivot away […]

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Latest LG V30 leak reveals the flagship ahead of August 31 event

We’ve seen a lot of rumors and leaks for the LG V30 so far, but today we’re getting our best look yet at the still-unannounced flagship smartphone.

High-quality images of the LG V30 have been leaked by Evan Blass. They give us a clear look at the front, rear, and sides of the V30, including its 6-inch 2880×1440 OLED display sans secondary screen. This latest leak reaffirms that the V30 will not feature a secondary display above the main one, instead relying on a semi-transparent floating bar in software to give users quick access to frequently used actions.

Around back we can see a dual rear camera setup with a fingerprint reader below it. We know that those cameras will have an f/1.6 aperture and glass lens, which LG has touted will let in more light and offer better color reproduction.

While this LG V30 is sure to draw comparisons to Samsung’s Galaxy S8, it still looks pretty nice in these leaked images. The move to slim bezels and the decision to move LG’s logo to the back of the phone will help to make it feel like you’re just holding a display in your hands, something that’s also aided by LG’s decision to ditch the hardware secondary display and opt for a software version. Plus, that floating bar in software can be hidden when a user doesn’t want it.

The LG V30 will be officially announced on August 31. What do you think of the LG V30 shown in today’s leak?