Vainglory – experience one of the most vast & addictive multiplayer online battle arena games

Vainglory - experience one of the most vast & addictive multiplayer online battle arena games

In Vainglory you outplay real opponents in this deep, uncompromising real-time MOBA. Fight with lightning-fast controls using powerful heroes. Destroy the enemy Vain crystal and claim glory! GAME FEATURES FREE TO PLAY AS MUCH AS YOU WANT. Dive into a complete MOBA by veteran developers from top AAA studios. Immerse yourself in a stunning world... View Article

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Spacetime Games’ Call of Champions headed to the Play Store in 2015 (Update: out now!)


Update (11/22): Spacetime Games has finally released its new MOBA game, Call of Champions, to the Google Play Store. It’s available to download for free, and you can expect to see a bevy of in-app purchases in this title. If you’re interested, head to the Play Store link below!

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Download Call of Champions from the Play Store

Original post (2/26): Spacetime Games, the developers behind Arcane Legends and Pocket Legends, have just announced their plans to bring a new MOBA-style game entitled Call of Champions to the Play Store sometime this year. Players will control unique characters through multiple different classes, fighting to be the top dog in each arena-based match. Call of Champions will limit each match to 5 minutes in order to deliver quickly-paced matches for on-the-go gameplay. The game will allow you to connect with and recruit other team members, plan matches, and earn achievements through the integrated social hub.

Here’s some more information about the upcoming game:

In the Call of Champions arena, players will be able to control one out of over twenty different Champions across five distinct classes, each coming equipped with their own unique playstyle and special abilities. Players will be immersed in a fiction that takes place in a time beyond the cosmos as they take on the role of a godlike entity that controls Champions in the arena for sport.

For those who’d like to experience the game early, Spacetime Studios is featuring the game in the world’s first mobile exhibition tournament at SXSW from March 13th-15th. Event attendees will be able to test their skills in Call of Champions against a team of Spacetime developers during the expo. Be sure to check out the official trailer below for more information.

Call of Champions will will launch as a free download in the Google Play Store and iOS App Store sometime in 2015. For more detailed information on the game, check out the official Call of Champions website.

MOBA games for Android and iOS Mobile Devices

One of the most popular genre of games right now for desktops is MOBA.  MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.  Some of the popular titles are League of Legends, DOTA 2, Smite, and Heroes of the Storm. I have been playing League of Legends with my kids for a few months now. At first I really did not like the game, but the more I played, the more I got into it. It is a fun game, that lasts about 45 minutes, you can play multiple champions, and every game is different.

Well MOBA is making its way onto mobile devices. If you search MOBA in the market or app store, you will find quite a few. If you are looking for some exciting online, multi-player action, check out these games. Each one has some slight differences but they are free and require an active Internet connection. Check out the video trailers below.

I have played Vainglory and Call of Champions- both are very fun.


Download for Android, iOS

Call of Champions

Download for iOS , Android (coming soon)

Aces of Arenas

Download for Android, iOS

Heroes of Soulcraft

Download for Android

Heroes of Order & Chaos

Download for Android, iOS

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‘Vainglory’ opens Autumn 2015 season, improves Android app


The multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game Vainglory is launching their 2015 Autumn season of play. With the latest update to the game, taking it to version 1.9, Vainglory will now use a seasonal structure. During the seasons, players will have to do their best to rise up in rank and rack up achievements before the season ends, which is slated to be sometime in early January for the new season. As part of the latest update, developer Super Evil Megacorp put a lot of attention into the Android app version to help expand the audience.

According to Super Evil Megacorp, hardware requirements for Vainglory have been drastically reduced. Users will only need 1GB of memory in their device, down from 2GB, and the title will now run on Android devices with at least a dual-core processor instead of a quad-core. This should open gameplay up to a lot of new devices.

Across all platforms, users will find they have access to a new hero, Phinn, some limited-time seasonal skins and map, and a new Petal with new abilities. Android players will find they can get a free Taka during the month of October. Vainglory also gets support for Guilds which are designed to help players find like-minded gamers to join with in the game. Teams have also been added, with support for up to six members on a team.

You can check out some screenshots and a short video showing gameplay below. If Vainglory looks like a title you might be interested in, use the Play Store link to get it installed on your device.

Click here to view the embedded video.


Play Store Download Link

source: Super Evil Megacorp

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