HTC’s already having shipping problems with the U12+

Amazon orders might not go out until August 3.

The HTC U12+ is an — interesting — phone. The design is striking and the cameras are top-notch, but the buggy, fake power/volume buttons create for an often frustrating experience.

Even so, that hasn’t stopped a few die-hard HTC fans from picking up the phone for themselves. Some members of the AC forums reported that their pre-orders are now shipping, but for those that purchased the U12+ through Amazon, things aren’t looking too hot.

06-21-2018 12:31 PM

I know it’s hard to trust anything the Amazon customer service people say, but the one I just spoke to said the phone was never in stock to begin with! No idea why they’d say it would be released on June 21. I do know people on XDA who ordered the phone direct from HTC without financing are starting to receive theirs.

06-21-2018 …

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Pop-up cameras are just the evolution of the slider phone

A necessary evil before getting everything we want.

Phone companies make a lot of design decisions that, in retrospect, are very bad. We’ve seen some poor smartphone designs over the last decade, and most of them can be boiled down to an attempt to be exciting, innovative and interesting, only to backfire spectacularly because they led to massive compromises or didn’t work as intended.

So I don’t blame anyone for being skeptical when the last week brought about the latest trend in hardware innovation: pop-up cameras. First with the Vivo NEX, with its periscope-like front-facing camera, and later with the Oppo Find X, making use of a large sliding mechanism to reveal both front- and rear-facing cameras.

Some have dismissed these movable structures for hiding cameras as a fad and poor attempt at being innovative with no real benefit. I see it somewhat more pragmatically — this is a necessary development, given today’s available technology, to offer consumers all of the things …