12 movies to see with (or without) your family this Thanksgiving weekend

You have the day off work, the entire family together, and you’ve already finished playing two games of Clue and then Scrabble ended early after no one could agree on whether “qat” was a word. So what do you do next? Head to the movies. Finding a film that everyone can agree on is never an easy task, but we’ve broken down what’s currently in theaters to make the choice easier, whether you’re with friends, family, or a doggy bag full of pie.

Opening November 25th (Wide release)

The Good Dinosaur

It’s hard to go wrong with a Pixar movie. The Good Dinosaur imagines a world where talking dinosaurs and growling cave people live alongside each other, pairing a lanky apatosaurus with a half-cute, half-feral Neanderthal child….

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