How to use Samsung’s Live Broadcast


At the company’s event on August 13, Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+. Along with those two phones came Live Broadcast, a feature that would also be brought to the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. As time progressed, people forgot about the feature because it’s not very common to stumble upon. The feature allows users to stream live video from their device to YouTube. This means you’ll have to have a YouTube account (through Google) set up and ready to go. The feature seeks to fight off rival apps such as Periscope, Meerkat, and a number of others.

First, you’ll want to make sure you have the feature installed. You can do this by going into your device’s native camera application and clicking on the “more” option in the bottom left corner. This will bring up small thumbnails of all the camera features you have installed. If you don’t see the option for Live Broadcast, you can hit the download thumbnail and it will redirect you to the Galaxy App Store where it can be easily downloaded.

Samsung_YouTube_Live Broadcast_feature_Galaxy_flagship_models_camera_disclaimer_TA

When entering the Live Broadcast mode for the first time, you’ll be prompted with a disclaimer. Once agreed to, you’ll have to link the YouTube account in which you want to stream video from. The following two permissions will be presented

  • View your basic profile info
  • Manage your YouTube account

Samsung_YouTube_Live Broadcast_feature_Galaxy_flagship_models_camera_permissions_TA

Samsung_YouTube_Live Broadcast_feature_Galaxy_flagship_models_camera_signin_TA

Users must accept both permissions in order to use the Live Broadcast feature. After that, live-broadcasting is just a tap away. Here are some things you should know:

  • Live-broadcasting works both publicly (anyone can watch) and privately (via invitation only)
  • Video size is limited to Full HD and may not exceed 60fps
  • Live video must be shot in landscape orientation
  • Users can only stream from one account at a time
  • Depending on quality and network speed, it could take a chunk of time to upload the video once the session has concluded

Samsung_YouTube_Live Broadcast_feature_Galaxy_flagship_models_camera_main_TA

When you’re ready to record, tap the Live button to get started. From there, it will give you a few seconds to get ready before it goes live. The duration of time is also displayed at all times, so there’s no need to do anything while in the middle of a session. To adjust the video quality, switch between accounts, enable auto save, or switch on power saving, tap the settings icon in the bottom left of the display. Above that will be an Invite button. This is where you can share the link to your stream with the contacts you so choose. A separate icon for switching between the front and rear-facing cameras is also included just above the sharing thumbnail.

Samsung_YouTube_Live Broadcast_feature_Galaxy_flagship_models_camera_settings1_TA
Samsung_YouTube_Live Broadcast_feature_Galaxy_flagship_models_camera_settings2_TA
Samsung_YouTube_Live Broadcast_feature_Galaxy_flagship_models_camera_settings3_TA

For future sessions, all you’ll have to do is go into the camera application and select the Live Broadcast option to get started. It’s that simple.

If you got lost in the setup process or have any questions feel free to drop a comment down below and I myself or a member of our team will try our best to assist you. Included below is a video to help you get started:

Click here to view the embedded video.

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