Amazon’s Black Friday deals begin rolling out – Fire TV, Fire Tablet, Echo and more

Amazon Fire -12

Black Friday used to begin on, well, Friday. Then retailers started opening up shop on Thursdays, but times keep changing and Amazon wants you to start your holiday shopping right away. Some of their sales are… on Fire, and you can take advantage of them right away!

Amazon has fired up its Black Friday sales by offering a selection of its own devices today. Yes, you can go buy these devices right now. They include some the Fire TV Stick, Fire TV, Fire tablet and more. We will list them for you right below, along with the new and improved price points!


There you have it, guys! A bunch of awesome deals to get your Black Friday shopping started. Who knows – maybe you no longer have to go battle a hoard of angry shoppers looking to destroy anything that gets between them and their precious deals. I am especially fond of the Amazon Echo, and am seriously considering getting one. Are you thinking of buying any of these?

By the way, Amazon has much more than its own products to offer. Their list of deals is extensive, and it will only continue growing! If you want to take advantage of more super discounts, you can check out our articles on Amazon’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday events. This is going to be a big year for the shopping weekend!