Please don’t buy a crappy cheap tablet on Black Friday

You owe it to yourself to avoid buying something terrible.

We’ve all been there, scrolling down the list of sales online or flipping through the heap of ads that arrive in the newspapers that week. A tablet that was “regularly priced at $299” is going to be available for $50, but only to the first 20 people in line who ask for them. That tablet never cost $299. The store probably didn’t spend $299 to get those 20 units into the store to trick you into buying in the first place. If you go stand in line for that tablet, you will come home to find little more than sadness in the box.

Let’s get this out of the way right here and now — there is no such thing as a good cheap tablet on Black Friday. They don’t exist, and any company trying to sell you one knows you’re going to get more use out of the box that tablet comes in than you will the hardware contained within.

If you are dead set on purchasing any kind of technology on Black Friday, here’s what you need to know.