Telegram update brings supergroups and admins


Telegram is one of the best ways to keep your chats private. So much so that ISIS even uses it. However, in-order to keep everyone happy, they have added a few new highly requested features.

One of those new features is admins for groups. For example, you could have large groups before, but it was sometimes difficult to control them. Now, you can add admins to them. This should make it a lot easier to maintain control over their size.

Another new feature is supergroups. Regular groups have up to 200 users, but supergroups allows up to 1000 members. This is a feature many have been wanting ever since Telegram launched back in 2013. Admins can also be appointed to supergroups too.

With supergroups, you can do things like:

  • New members can see the entire message history when they join.
  • Deleted messages will disappear for all members.
  • Ordinary members can only delete their own messages.
  • Supergroups are muted by default and send fewer joined/left notifications.

The new Telegram update is out now, but please note, to use the new features, everyone in the group must have the update. You might want to hold off upgrading a group to a supergroup right now.

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