The Mattel View-Master VR has been marked down to $20 [DEALS]

Mattel View-Master VR discount

Those looking to dip their toes into the Android VR experience have few options at the moment. Sure, there are countless rudimentary Google Cardboard units being offered free from just about everyone nowadays, but they’re build quality and comfort are more than lacking. If you’re looking for something a little higher quality but aren’t sure you want to invest in a Samsung Gear VR headset, Mattel’s recently released View-Master VR could make an excellent option.

Priced at $30 when it first launched back in October, today the headset is being marked down by 33%, now only $20 at Amazon and Walmart. Because it’s made out of plastic, the View-Master is much more durable and hygienic than those cheap cardboard headsets. In addition to Mattel’s VR content available on the Google Play Store, the View-Master works with Google Cardboard experiences as well. It’s also compatible with most Android devices, so it doesn’t matter which brand you carry in your pocket (although things will look much better on a Quad HD display).

You can either find a Walmart near you and pick one up today, or order online from Amazon via the links below.

Buy the Mattel View-Master VR: Walmart | Amazon