This Domino’s Easy Order button has your favorite pizza delivered to you after pressing 1 button

As if we needed a way to make getting pizza any easier, Domino’s has introduced the Easy Order button. This thing hooks up to your phone through Bluetooth, and upon pressing that important looking button in the center you will shoot an order over to Domino’s for your favorite pizza to be sent to your default address, both of which can be specified on your Domino’s profile. They’ll charge the card on file or ask for cash once it arrives, and voila — pizza.

Domino's launches The Limited Edition Easy Order button allowing pizza lovers to order their favourite pizza straight to their door at the touch of a button.

You would think this is something Domino’s would want to test in a market notorious for people who love to eat lots of pizza, but the company is actually starting things out over in the UK (who probably like to eat pizza just as much as us).

There’s no word when or if it will ever reach other markets, but for what it’s worth this is probably just a fun gag promotion Domino’s is holding and likely won’t go all out on deploying this thing as a staple feature of their pizza delivery chain. For those folks who won’t get a chance to buy one, there’s a nice handy button inside the Domino’s app that does the exact same thing.

[via Engadget]