Chromecast owners can grab 3 months free Spotify Premium

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Everyone loves a freebie and Chromecast owners old and new can grab 3 months of Spotify Premium for absolutely nothing for a limited time, no strings attached. The deal comes directly from Google’s Chromecast offers page.

Thinking about buying?

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The offer applies to all Chromecast models and can be redeemed in at least the US, Puerto Rico, Malaysia, and a number of European countries. Additional countries should be able to snag the deal too, so it’s worth a shot if Spotify is live in your region.

Spotify Premium usually costs $9.99 per month. Alternatively, Google Play Music has a three month free sign-up offer for Chromecast owners as well.

If you don’t own a Chromecast, you can grab a pair of them for just $50 from the Google Store. Spotify is also currently offering 90 days of Premium for just $0.99 anyway, so you don’t really need Google’s hardware to enjoy ad-free music streaming. This offer is good until January 2nd 2016 and should apply to all 60 countries that Spotify is available in.

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