Heed these warnings if you get a VR headset this holiday season


The Samsung Gear VR, along with units from other manufacturers, is hitting the market this holiday season, meaning there will be plenty of people in possession of the devices. If you happen to be one of those people or have a friend who gets a set, you may want to make sure they are aware of these safety warnings.

Two of the issues that can arise with Gear VR have to do with the fact that the devices have fairly powerful lens in them that are capable of focusing light over a short distance. Those old enough to remember may recall what happens with a magnifying glass, ants and sunlight – the same thing can happen with Gear VR. If the headset is left with the lenses up, sunlight can be focused onto whatever is below it, including your smartphone or possible flammable materials, igniting or melting them. So avoid leaving them laying around in this manner outside or anywhere inside where the path of sunlight may cross them.

Because those lenses normally focus light on your eyes, usually from your smartphone, it is important the units only be used with the smartphone installed in them. Using them “naked” means outside light will pass through the lenses and get focused on your eyes. This is especially important to avoid when dealing with sunlight, but any bright light can result in damage to your eyes from the magnification of light passing through.

Finally, Samsung and other manufacturers are recommending that VR devices not be used by children under the age of 13. The concern is that extensive use of the devices could affect visual development in children. Even older children are cautioned not to use the devices for extended periods of time to prevent problems from developing with or related to their eyesight.

If you get Gear VR or some other headset this season, be sure to be careful and mindful of these issues and have fun with this new technology.

source: Road to VR

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