LG V10 not going to Canada


LG has been promoting the LG V10 rather heavily in the U.S. market. However, a representative from LG Canada indicates the device is not going to make it to the Canadian market according to current plans.

The information came to light in response to a question posed by an interested consumer via Facebook. The LG representative included the following statement in her reply:

Unfortunately, there aren’t any plans to bring the V10 to Canada.

before going on to suggest the LG G4 as a candidate. The LG Canada representative is identified as a member of the “Social Media Team” for LG Canada, so it may be possible the company eventually reverses this guidance by way of an official statement. If they stand behind it and really have no plans to release the LG V10 in Canada, buyers in that market will have to resort to buying the phone in other  markets and having it shipped in. The good news is the LG V10 is an unlocked device and should support use on most Canadian carriers.


source: LG Electronics Canada (Facebook)
via: MobileSyrup

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