Android dialers, ranked

Wait, Jerry. What are you doing? Nobody calls anyone on the phone in these modern times. Get with it!

Easy fam. A lot of us still make calls — try getting hold of a bondsman at 2 a.m. without a phone. And anyway, the people making Android phones include all this stuff, so the least we can do is look at it. Right? Be quiet, you know I'm right. Let me do this without you cracking wise for once.

Anyhoo ... back to dialers. They are more than just a way to enter some digits on a modern smartphone. Sure, you can call up Domino's so you don't have to shut the PlayStation off and make some food, but your people — the ones in your contacts because one day you might want to talk to them — are usually just a tap away because of the way Android dialers tie into your contacts. There are also some settings to make things more (or less) useful, and everyone wants a call log so they can keep track of who they called and who called them. Be quiet, yes you do.

Now that I've convinced you all that the dialer is one of the most important parts of your Android, let's have a look at how the big five do it.