Instagram adding multi-account support to Android app


Instagram users who need to manage multiple accounts will be happy to hear that the social network platform is finally adding the ability to switch between multiple accounts without first logging out. The update is included in a new version, number 7.12.0 that is starting to rollout to some users, although the new feature is not showing up for everyone with this update, so a server side change may also be necessary.

The initial addition of an account is achieved via a new menu entry on the Settings page of the app, where users can access a menu to either add an existing account or create a new one from scratch. Once a second account is added, users can switch between the accounts by tapping on the username and using a drop down selector accessed on the profile page. Testing indicates Instagram displays a toast message to let users know they have successfully switched accounts.

If you want to check for the availability of this new feature, you can download the apk below and hope that your account is one of the accounts that Instagram added this new function to.

APK Mirror download

source: AndroidPolice

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