Deal: Lifetime subscription to OS training courses and 25% off e-learning software


Have you ever wanted to become a web developer? is making it simple by offering you the chance to get schooled up on the top web languages with the OSTraining Developer Courses. You won’t even have to put down that bag of Doritos to be well on your way to becoming a pro coder.

The good news is we’re not asking you to go to college so you can swim in student loan debt for the rest of your mortal life. For a one-time fee of $69, you will gain lifetime access to courses covering things like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, SEO, HTML, CSS, PHP, and more. These platforms allow you to build, launch, and manage professional looking websites without relying on someone else. In total you’ll get 3,000+ hours of video training. Here’s everything you get:

  • Watch 3000+ videos on WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, SEO, HTML, CSS, PHP & more
  • Gain access to 1 new additional class every week
  • Receive printable certificates upon each course completion
  • Learn from only the best & most experienced instructors
  • Utilize Joomla’s 10,000+ extensions & templates to build fully functional websites
  • Master WordPress, the most popular platform used on the Web today
  • Build sites w/ Drupal, the intuitive software used by large organizations

BUT WAIT, there’s more. Since today is Cyber Monday, AndroidArea is also offering 25% off all e-learning software with the code CYBERMONDAY25.