Samsung patents several new foldable smartphone designs

samsung scrolling patentSamsung has filed for several new patents for some unorthodox smartphone designs, building off of the folding smartphone concept that everyone’s been speculating over for years now.

The first patent is for a device that rolls up, almost like a scroll. While rolled up, the device is small, portable, and easy to carry around with a small tab and screen. Once unrolled, you’d have a full, mostly traditional screen to work with.

samsung tabbed smartphone patentSamsung also filed for a tabbed smartphone patent, which folds completely in half and would use a “tab” on the back as a quick way to open and close apps, or open and close the device. It’s a pretty crazy, futuristic design that we’re probably still years away from seeing in a consumer device, but it’s fun to see where these big companies are putting their R&D money for the future.

There were also a few other patents filed, including one for a bendable smartphone that actually just looks like a melted smartphone. Sometimes you just have to throw some ideas at a wall and see what sticks, you know?

source: Patently Mobile

via: SamMobile

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