(Winners Announced!) XDA and LeaseWeb: Win Free VPS/Dedicated Server Trial and Huawei Watch


About a month ago, we teamed up with our hosting partner, LeaseWeb, to do a contest for a free VPS/Dedicated server trial, with the grand prize of a brand spankin’ new Huawei Watch. To participate, all you had to do was tell us what you would do with a dedicated server or VPS. Well, about 200 entries later, we are ready to announce the winners! And here they are: M66B, Lloir, rwilco12, AndroPlus, zagzag99, F-L-Y-E-R, Hovatek, frojnd, pojiku, and (drum roll, please) the grand prize goes to SferaDev. Some of our favorite answers are below! The winners can expect an email or PM with more info on how to claim their server trial. Thanks to all that participated, and thanks to our pals at LeaseWeb for helping with the contest. If you want to know more about how XDA uses LeaseWeb to run our server infracturer, check out XDA Under the Hood.

I want to build custom recovery (TWRP) and AOSP build for Xperia Z4 Tablet and new Z5 series on the server. Currently I’m building them on my virtual machine, but my storage and specs are not enough for it and take a lot of times for every test build. If I can use server with enough performance, I can build and test custom recovery and roms for Z5 (not completed yet) quicker than now.


I’d use the trial to complete and deploy a mobile app for allow Smart Water Network monitoring. Allowing visibility for a water utility to see how their network is behaving at near real-time and give them alerts and notions on anomalies, potential leaks or pressure SLA breaches as soon as possible, even before it’s evident by conservative means (see soggy sand or getting a call from a water consumer…). I’ve been studying real time data from metered networks and I have the algorithms that can detect disasters by creating prediction based on streams of data from meters. I’ll need an XL cloud server, for the POC, to host a DB and Logic engine that will be fed with stream of data and produce the alerts for an HTML5 client (Browser or Mobile).


I would likely start hosting my own website on it. If there’s enough room I would also mirror a couple of linux distro’s and maybe host my own android roms up there.