CyanogenMod team to shut down WhisperPush messaging platform

By | 20th January 2016


The CyanogenMod team announced they will be bringing support for WhisperPush via direct integration in CM 13 to an end. Further, they will be shutting down the backend for WhisperPush services running on their infrastructure, meaning anyone using WhisperPush on CM 10.2 or newer will find they no longer have access starting on February 1st. The CyanogenMod team is recommending users switch to the Signal application for secure text and voice calls.

The CyanogenMod team indicates they still believe in the idea of a secured messaging protocol. However, they were dealing with too many issues in trying to maintain their own implementation via WhisperPush running on their own servers. These issues included registration problems as well as run-ins with various countries. They also noted that late in the CM 12.1 cycle, they began to update the protocol to incorporate some new upstream changes being propagated by Open Whisper System. Unfortunately, those changes were non-trivial and caused problems.

The CyanogenMod team also recognized that users were jumping on board with Signal, especially as they were moving on to CM 13. The team felt like continuing to maintain WhisperPush may be a needless fork of a secure messaging platform.

CM users who have a device an number registered with WhisperPush can unregister things via Settings > Privacy > WhisperPush on their device. If for some reason they no longer have access to the device or number or do not bother to unregister, CyanogenMod will unregister all numbers on February 1st. This is being done so that messages do not go into a void due to a problem with iMessage.

The Signal application that CyanogenMod recommends is a combination of TextSecure for encrypted text messages and RedPhone for encrypted voice calls, both of which come from Open Whisper Systems. You can check out the Signal application using the link below.

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source: CyanogenMod

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