Spotify has acquired Cord Project and Soundwave

By | 20th January 2016

Spotify new colorAnother day, another corporate acquisition. Spotify has announced that they’ll be absorbing the talent from both Cord Project and Soundwave to help build out the music streaming platform.

Cord Project was founded in 2014 and created audio products for connected devices, like smartphones and wearables. They created Cord, their most popular messaging platform, and had over 1 million users. That’s a pretty interesting for buyout for Spotify, considering their heavy emphasis on social features.

Soundwave makes a little more sense for Spotify to purchase, as the Dublin based company worked on music discovery. They had created a small social media network specifically for helping users find music they might like, and connect with other fans of the same music. It’s a no-brainer for Spotify to want to expand on that part of its service.

Both of those products will likely shut down soon, unfortunately, as the teams will be helping to work on Spotify from here on out. But both of these acquisitions seem like great moves for Spotify, so hopefully we’ll see some new features and improvements come to the service soon.

source: Spotify

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