Google enhances weather info on Android devices

By | 21st January 2016


Continuing their efforts to improve the information provided by the Google Search app on Android devices, Google announced today some enhancements to the results returned when you search for weather information on your Android smartphone or tablet. The upgraded information includes several new data points and the ability to save your favorite locations for quick access later.

The enhanced weather information can be accessed in the same manner as the older information by doing a Google search on a term like “weather” or “will it rain today?” Once processed, Google’s search results will open with a card at the top for your current location displaying current conditions. Google dressed up this result with some new graphics that reflect the current conditions. Digging into the details, users will now have access to 10-day forecasts, air quality information, the UV index, and sunrise and sunset times. If there are any weather alerts currently active, there will be a message for those as well and you can follow a link for more detailed information.

When searching, along the bottom of the screen users will also notice an option to “Add” a location. Upon doing so, the saved location will be accessible by tapping on the search icon (the magnifying glass in the search bar) when viewing detailed weather information.

Users do not need to upgrade any apps or install something separate to access the upgraded weather information. Just do a normal search for weather using the Google Search app on your Android device and then prepare for what Mother Nature is sending your way.

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source: Google Search

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