Link Bubble will soon become Brave, a privacy and security focused browser

By | 21st January 2016

brave speed testRemember Link Bubble, the fancy browser utility that was recently purchased by a mysterious, unnamed buyer? Turns out, that buyer was Brave software, headed by former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich, and he’s got some big plans for the browser.

Link Bubble will soon be renamed Brave, and it will become a full browser based on providing a secure and private experience on the web.

Brave will utilize a handful of great features, including automatically redirecting links to HTTPS, blocking tracking cookies, and blocking invasive ads on websites while still displaying friendly ads that aren’t so intrusive. That last part is key here, as most of the internet is ad-supported. It’s hard to strip out the only cash flow many sites have and still expect them to put out any content.

Brave is going to be based off of Link Bubble on Android to retain the floating bubble capability, but it will also come to iOS. Obviously our fruity counterparts won’t be able to use the bubble feature, but they’ll be able to enjoy the enhanced privacy and security that Brave brings.

Eich’s plan for advertising with Brave is to allow sites to set up certain, non-intrusive, non-tracking ads that Brave will intelligently display to users. Revenue will be split to these sites from here, which will initially be around 55% but could potentially grow as Brave’s market share grows. Interestingly, Brave also won’t block ads if they aren’t tracking users, so not all ads on the internet will be blocked in this browser, only the most offensive ones.

There’s no word on when Brave will officially be available, but here’s hoping it’s sooner rather than later.

source: Brave Software

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