Now entering the game – Facebook Sports Stadium

By | 21st January 2016


With NFL conference championship games coming up this weekend and in the midst of the college basketball season, a visit to someone’s house where friends are over or your local wings joint or bar and grille reveals a common truth to sporting events when it comes to the fans. Watching and following sports is a social endeavor. So it makes sense that the world’s largest social platform might want to get in on the action, which is why Facebook has announced the launch of the Facebook Sports Stadium.

The Facebook Sports Stadium is described as “the world’s largest stadium” and will provide a dedicated place to follow sports events in real-time with friends and others near and far. The Facebook Sports Stadium will be powered by content already flowing across the Facebook network including posts from friends, comments on plays, posts by experts including teams, leagues and journalists, live scores, stats, play-by-play updates and information on where to watch events on TV.

To access the Facebook Sports Stadium, users just use the regular Facebook app and search for the game they are interested in. Facebook says they will “surface new ways” to access the feature as the product evolves.

Facebook says the new experience will be available initially for American football games. However, they plan to add other sports like basketball, soccer and others in the future. They also plan to expand to cover sports in other countries. The bad news is that Facebook decided to release this new feature only on the iPhone platform in the U.S. with support for other platforms and users being released “in the coming weeks.”

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source: Facebook

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