Verizon not bringing back unlimited data

By | 21st January 2016


Wireless giant Verizon said Thursday that unlimited data would not be coming back.

In a Thursday interview, Verizon chief financial officer Fran Shammo said the company would not entertain the idea of bringing back unlimited data “at this point,” which technically means there’s a chance it could come back in the future. However, all signs point to the idea of a resurgence of unlimited data being dead in the water.

As we previously reported, Verizon ended 2015 strong, adding 1.5 million subscribers to their postpaid service in the fourth quarter. Operating revenue rose to over $34 billion, while net income was $5.39 billion.

Verizon competitor AT&T does offer an unlimited data plan, though it’s only available to customers who agree to subscribe to both TV and wireless service.

AT&T will begin offering the new Unlimited Plan on January 12th. If you are already an AT&T wireless customer, you can bundle DIRECTV with your service in order to get unlimited data. For existing DIRECTV and U-Verse customers who want to switch their wireless service over to AT&T in order to take advantage of the new plan, AT&T is offering up to $500 in credits if you trade in an eligible device, port your number over and buy a smartphone on an AT&T Next plan.

Source: CNET

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