YouTube AdBlitz channel will once again host all Super Bowl ads

By | 21st January 2016


The Super Bowl is getting closer and closer. For some that means cheering for their favourite team, while others it means watching the best advertisements of the year.

However, YouTube has launched its AdBlitz channel so you can watch the ads ahead of time in one place. The channel was originally created a few years ago and just last year users watched over 840 million minutes of Super Bowl ads. That was 127% higher than the year before, and no wonder why they are doing it again.

So far there are only a few preview ads up, but more will be coming soon. Also, I find it kind of funny that advertisers are releasing teaser ads for the actual ads. However, it makes sense for them to do so as brands that release their ads earlier received 2.2x more views than those who waited to release their ad on game day.

YouTube has even gone as far as reaching out to large YouTube channels to create original content with a series called “How to Win Game Day”. Also, popular YouTube channels will make football-themed videos. Such channels as  MyLifeAsEva, Hannah Hart and fouseyTUBE will all be participating.

At the end of the Super Bowl users will be able to vote on their favorite ad. The voting starts after the game ends on February 7th and will last until 11:59 p.m. ET on February 10.

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Source: YouTube

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