OnePlus drops low-priced 16GB OnePlus 2 in US and Europe

By | 22nd January 2016

While OnePlus is a contentious subject at the best of times, most won’t argue that they offer an interesting value proposition for those that are willing to deal with some of the company’s idiosyncrasies.

However, that value proposition just got a little less interesting for those in the U.S. and Europe, with OnePlus deciding to cut the 16GB base model of the OnePlus 2 from its offerings in those regions. That means that prospective OnePlus 2 buyers are now looking at a $389 price tag for the lone remaining configuration of the OnePlus 2.

According to OnePlus, the interest in that base configuration in both regions simply didn’t warrant continuing to sell it there, but it will remain in India and other markets where it is performing well.

The OnePlus X, starting at $249, remains for those looking for a low-priced offering from OnePlus in the U.S. or Europe.

Do you think this change will make an appreciable difference in interest in the OnePlus 2?