Amazon Echo gains more functionality with latest update

By | 23rd January 2016


The Amazon Echo speaker just keeps getting better. The latest update adds even more functionality to the device.

With the latest update, users can ask their speaker for information regarding movie times and sports scores. You’ll be able to ask Alexa things like when a movie is playing, where it’s playing nearby, and even details about a particular movie itself. Alexa can also suggest movies to see based on a particular genre you like.

Additionally, in honor of Super Bowl 50, Alexa is gaining some new functionalities that allow you to ask questions associated with football. The virtual assistant can tell you updated scores of a particular game and will also predict the outcome of games before they start. Alexa will even tell you who will win Super Bowl if you just ask. This will continue to work in the future, and is not just for the remainder of the season.

The update should be hitting Amazon Echo units shortly, so be patient. If you would like to purchase the device, it’s available on Amazon for $179. For more details on the latest update, tap the source link below to learn more.

Source: Amazon

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