50% off in-app purchases for select Google Play Games

By | 25th January 2016

Agar.io most addictive games for Android

Google Play is holding a pretty expansive sale on in-app purchases that spans 57 games. For a limited time, getting an edge in your favorite free-to-play game might be half as expensive as it used to be.

We’re not seeing a whole lot of the most popular games on this list. Giants like Fallout Shelter and Clash of Clans are notably absent (although there are plenty of “Clashes” on the list: Clash of Lords 2, Castle Clash, Clash of Kings, etc…). However, there are quite a few fan favorites like Mobile Strike, Summoner’s War, Simcity Buildit, The Sims, and Agar.io, to name a few.  This primarily looks like a way to give some under-appreciated gems some time in the spotlight.

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Perhaps, then, those most interested in this sale might be gamers who have been looking for a new addiction and have a handful of change and/or a Google Play balance burning a hole in their pocket. No way to know your next favorite time-sink isn’t just around the corner unless you check it out.

Click the button below to head over to the promo’s landing page. A few users are reporting that in-app purchases don’t appear to be discounted, so it’s possible that this is a regional sale. If you’re feeling altruistically inclined, feel free to report whether or not the sale is working for you in the comments, and let us know what part of the world you’re checking it from.

Also, tell us what you think of this selection of games. Is this a worthwhile deal, or are all in-app purchases, no matter how discounted, the product of hellish machinations designed to twist the human soul into a withered vestige of what it once was?

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