A flock of Twitter employees leave the nest amid shakeup

By | 25th January 2016


The last eight months at Twitter have been nothing short of dull. Dick Costolo, the company’s longtime CEO, left in July 2015 with an unplanned successor. Founder Jack Dorsey assumed the role on an interim basis with the intent to set Twitter on a course to revamp its board, get everything on the right track, and name a new leader for 2016 and beyond. That new leader was never named because Dorsey permanently became the CEO once again in October, just one week before Twitter announced it would be letting go of more than 300 employees. But the reshuffling isn’t over yet. Dorsey himself announced a whole bunch of moves as The New York Times went public with Twitter’s decision to overhaul high-level positions throughout the company.

Alex Roetter (SVP of Engineering), Kevin Weil (VSP of Product), Katie Jacobs Stanton (VP of Global Media), and Skip Schipper (VP of Human Resources) are all leaving Twitter on their own terms. Dorsey stated that they are “taking well-deserved time off” before thanking them for their service. Each of their roles will be filled, at least on an interim basis, with existing Twitter executives. COO Adam Bain will handle revenue-related product teams, media, and human resources. The engineering, consumer product, design, research, and user services wings will be folded into one group overseen by CTO Adam Messinger.

Vine, which is owned by Twitter, also lost someone important to its operations. GM Jason Toff confirmed that he’s leaving the struggling video sharing service to assist Google in its virtual reality efforts.

Here’s what the head honcho sees for the future:

“Twitter will become the first thing everyone in the world checks to start their day and the first thing people turn to when they want to share ideas, commentary or simply what’s happening.”

Dorsey will also continue searching for new people from the outside to join Twitter’s board.

Source: The New York Times, Jack Dorsey (Twitter)

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