Escape the Praying Mantis in Goosebumps VR

By | 25th January 2016


The Goosebumps VR experience is now on the Play Store, inviting players to join R.L. Stine on a wild ride as he flees from the giant bug.

Goosebumps VR is free to download and supports pretty much any VR viewer you can think of, so 90s kids can grab a headset and jump right into the nostalgic adventure.

This VR title is more of an experience than an interactive game, as players are simply sat alongside R.L. Stine (played by Jack Black) as he drives recklessly through the city streets to avoid a messy end. The sequence was directed by none other than Rob Letterman, who directed the latest Goosebumps movie.

Users without a VR headset can still enjoy Goosebumps VR in 360-degree mode by manually holding their smartphone in front of them and turning in different directions.

For a limited time only, Goosebumps VR downloaders can pick up a Merge VR headset with a 15% discount.

If you’re itching for even more VR titles, take a look at our list of the best virtual reality apps to start 2016 with.

Play Store Download Link

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