Possible Images of LG G5 in a Dummy Box Leak Online

By | 25th January 2016

In the run up to MWC 2016, we’re becoming privy to more and more details about potential devices that will be released in the same time frame. At first, it was the Samsung Galaxy S7, and now it is the LG G5.

These set of images come to us courtesy of the good folks over at Droid Life. As per their source, it is claimed that the images are that of a LG G5 hardware prototype. The phone is placed inside of a dummy box, which is a common practice when an unreleased device has to be circulated for testing while making sure that the exact identity of the device still remains hidden.

LG G5 Dummy Box LG G5 Dummy Box

LG G5 Dummy Box

LG G5 Dummy Box

LG G5 Dummy Box

What makes this the next iteration of LG’s flagship then?

For starters, the hardware that we are privy to in the images line up well with several of the rumors of the LG G5 so far. The back of the device features a dual camera setup and a fingerprint scanner in a fashion that is similar to previously featured diagrams. The volume buttons have also been moved to the side of the device, along with featuring a USB Type-C port on the bottom.

There is a good chance this could be a device other than the LG G5 — afterall, the dummy box does serve its purpose to an extent. Droid Life has provided explanations on why they believe this is the LG G5, and their conclusions do hold weight based on all the information collected so far from different sources. One “feature” of the device that still remains a mystery is the detachable battery drawer, which remains unexplored due to the dummy box packaging.

We should soon be seeing more of the LG G5 in the wild as the device prepares for its big launch. We are certainly excited to see what LG brings to the table to compete against Samsung’s Galaxy S7.

What are your thoughts on supposed design shift from LG? Will the G5 sway customers towards itself with its new feature set? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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