2,500 Sprint employees are laid-off to save costs

By | 26th January 2016


We recently reported that Sprint was going to cut costs of $1 billion dollars by switching to new towers as well as a few other things. Now it looks like one of those other things is laying off 2,500 people.

Hopefully customers don’t need any care because that is the area where most of the cuts are from. At least they waited until after the holidays, but Sprint has cut 2,500 jobs across six customer care centres including 574 cuts from its Kansas headquarters. Call centres in Virginia, New Mexico, Tennessee and Texas have been shut down. However, Sprint said they notified everyone last week in an email.

Sprint also said that more and more customers are using the Sprint Zone app or going online for their customer service needs, and these jobs were no longer needed. They did, however, make sure to layoff everyone before January 30th because after that date their severance packages would be reduced.

The reason for the cuts are mainly to save costs. Investors have been worried Sprint is spending way too much money trying to acquire customers and upgrade its network.

Source: Reuters

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