Boost Mobile will cut $5 of your bill in exchange of home-screen ads

By | 26th January 2016

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Looking to save a little more money on your Boost prepaid service? If you are willing to be subjected to some ads, than Boost has your back. Working with a company called Unlockd, Sprint-owned Boost Mobile will give its subscribers the option of downloading a new app called “Boost Dealz”, which knocks off $5 a month on your bill in exchange for the time you spend looking at ads.

So how do the ads work? When you unlock your phone you’ll be presented with a homescreen ad that you can click on to visit for more details, or you can simply hit the “Like” or “Dislike” button and the ad will then go away.

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It’s unclear if ads will be presented each and every time that you unlock your phone, but expect them to show up frequently, if not every time you unlock your device. If you find the ads too intrusive, you can always delete the app, though you’ll lose out on the $5 discount going forward.

While not everyone is going to like the idea of surrendering their homescreen to occasional ads, there are many folks that won’t mind, as long as they are getting paid for it. Arguably a lockscreen ad (like found with Amazon’s Kindle series) would be better, but such implementation would likely require Boost to have more control over the OS/skin on the phone.

For Sprint, it’s a nice experiment that allows them to explore more passive ways of generating income from their subscribers without just jacking up the fees like many carriers are apt to do. What do you think, if you could save $5 on your carrier of choice – would you go along with this kind of incentive?

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