HTC Hot Deals will save you up to 30% off HTC devices today

By | 26th January 2016

HTC Hot Deals have been of varying quality, and there have been steeper discounts than today’s offering, but in terms of sheer options this is easily one of the best.

The savings scales up with your purchase:

  • 15% off an order of $150 or more
  • 20% off an order of $500 or more
  • 30% off an order of $650 or more

There are only a few limitations on the deal. It can’t be applied to the new UA HealthBox, the discount tops out on purchases up to $1,999 and finally the discount can only be applied to items that are in stock so you are going to want to move early if you have something in particular you are after.

The deals do get rounded up, so a purchase of $499.99 qualifies for the $500 tier. Now I wouldn’t recommend going for the HTC One M9, which at $649.99 comes down to $454.30, but that is still pricier than you’ll find it on Amazon.

The One A9 on the other hand goes from $499.99 down to $399.99, which is a bit cheaper than you’ll find it elsewhere.

If you have been considering picking up any HTC gear hit the source link below to check it out now. This deal is for those in the US (or with a valid shipping address in the US) only and ends at 11:59 PM Pacific time on Tuesday, January 26th.