HTC One M10 could look like HTC’s One A9, heading to AT&T

By | 26th January 2016

The latest news on the upcoming HTC One M10 (aka the HTC Perfume) is that the phone is heading to AT&T and that it might share a few design elements with the HTC One A9. Neither detail should come as a surprise. Since the HTC One (M7)’s release, all major US service providers have carried HTC’s flagship smartphone. While HTC has received a lot of criticism regarding the HTC One A9′s design, HTC has been adamant that we would see similarly designed phones in the future.

Based on previous rumors, we are expecting the HTC One M10 to features metal-clap body, a circular camera lens on the back and a fingerprint sensor on the front. Other than that, we have no clue what the phone will look like. Hopefully that will change in the coming weeks.