HTC’s Hot Deals could get you 30% off of the One M9

By | 26th January 2016


HTC today launched its next Hot Deals promotion, allowing customers to take 30% off a $650 order.

It’s actually a neat deal, if you don’t mind getting something that isn’t the latest and greatest from HTC. The Taiwanese-based company’s latest flagship, the One A9, is nowhere near that $650 price point; however, snagging HTC’s One M9 from the company will cost about $650. That will net you that 30% off discount, bringing the final price to $454. That’s some massive savings right there!


In the same vein, a $500 and $150 order will get you a 20% and 15% off discount, respectively.

Keep in mind that this discount isn’t exclusive to smartphones. If you wanted to snag a One A9, you still can, but you’ll need to add more product to your cart in order to take advantage of that 30% off coupon. With the flagship costing $500 from the company, you will be able to use the 20% off option.

Another thing to note: the promotion only lasts until midnight tonight, and those in the US are the only eligible customers to take advantage of this promotion, unfortunately.

Does anyone plan on buying anything from HTC today?

source: HTC

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