Prior to FOX News debate, Google injects candidates’ content into search results

By | 26th January 2016


This Thursday, Google will have a major role in the Republican Party’s debate in Iowa. The company agreed to partner with FOX News, who will broadcast the debate, to provide real-time analytics as the presidential hopefuls are watched by millions of people around the world. Google Trends will be providing insight from the public on each candidate’s performance both during and after the debate. And select questions used by moderators Chris Wallace, Megyn Kelly, and Bret Baier will come from YouTube. But Google isn’t going to just co-host this debate and forget about the race for the White House. Google wants search results to offer as much information on candidates as possible in an effort to educate voters

Today, Google announced Search will contain real-time content from candidates during debates.

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Candidates will be able to publish text, photos, and videos during Thursday’s debate to cover anything their camps feel went overlooked or missing.

This experimental feature helps voters make more informed choices, and levels the playing field for candidates to share ideas and positions on issues they may not have had a chance to address during the debate. By publishing long-form text, photos and videos throughout the debate, campaigns can now give extended responses, answer questions they didn’t get a chance to on stage, and rebut their opponents.

All you’ll need to do during the debate is search the phrase “fox news debate” and Google handles the rest. Search results pack everything the candidates want you to see and hear.


Regarding Google Trends, Google will compose a monitor (seen above) to show which candidates are receiving the most attention. Also, a digital polling station will be set up to give FOX News an idea of what questions Americans want answered.

The debate starts at 7:00PM ET on January 28 with the laggards before the real contenders take the stage later in the night. Nabela Noor, Mark Watson, and Dulce Candy of YouTube fame will be the ones assisting the moderators in asking the candidates questions.

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