Waze launches new Transport SDK for partner apps

By | 26th January 2016


Waze announced today the introduction of a new Transport SDK which partners can use to implement Waze features directly in their own apps. Waze says the ability to feed their information into another app will help address a big complaint they get, which is the need for constant switching between specific apps and Waze. The stronger integration means an app like Lyft will provide drivers with Waze’s ETA, turn-by-turn navigation and preferred routing information.

Clearly the ability to combine Waze data with the features of other apps will be a benefit to those partners. For example, one of the partners is Genesis PULSE which provides emergency dispatch services. Having an easier to access source for live route information could mean quicker response times and ultimately, saved lives.

Users of partner apps will also benefit. For example, a Lyft rider will get better information about how long they may have to wait and can enjoy a faster, likely less stressful, journey to their destination. For a Lyft driver, the app means they can provide better, quicker service and receive better feedback.

Waze also points out that the general Waze community will benefit if there are more users out on the roads feeding travel data back into their platform. Even with more than 50 million users, Waze expects this move will add a significant number of new drivers to the ranks.

The initial partners who will be using the new Waze Transport SDK include Lyft, Genesis PULSE, JustPark, Cornershop, Cabify and 99Taxis. Waze says they will provide the SDK to other partners in the future where they think they can contribute to a better solution. Some potential markets might include food delivery or valet parking services.

As part of the launch of the new SDK, Lyft is offering a $5 credit on each of a user’s next 10 rides. Lyft riders can find more information on taking advantage of this special promotion by visiting the source link. Customers in Chile and Mexico will find they can take advantage of a special offer from Cornershop. In Chile, the promo code WAZECHILE will yield 5000 CLP to be used while the code WAZEMX will yield 150 MXN in Mexico. JustPark is also offering a special deal with a 10 pound discount for users who use the code WAZE10.

source: Waze

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