Bloomsky Hyper Local Weather App Review – XDA TV

By | 27th January 2016

Our smart phones are inundated with weather apps. Knowing the weather in your town or where you’re going is one of the conveniences of the modern smartphone era. But a lot of these weather readings are coming from airports or other locations that may not give you the whole picture of the area.

Recently, a new device and app has entered in to the weather market, looking at hyper local weather. The Bloomsky device is a hardware device you can set up at your home and connect to the Bloomsky network. This allows you to see what the weather is like at your home. Recently, XDA TV Host TK unboxed and installed the Bloomsky device. Today he looks at the application and its ability to connect to his Bloomsky device, and those of others that have shared their weather feed. Check out this video!

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