[Deal] T-Mobile offers new BOGO deal on some of its smartphones

By | 27th January 2016


T-Mobile announced today that those who purchase a smartphone outright from the carrier will be able to buy another smartphone at a whopping 50% discount.

While T-Mobile is offering this very nice promotion, there are some details that need not be overlooked. For starters, it seems like the only smartphones included in the offer are the Galaxy S6, GS6 Edge, GS6 Edge+, Note 5, LG G4, and the LG V10.

Another point to keep in mind is that the promotion only applies to smartphones from the same manufacturer. In example, if you buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 outright, the 50% discount can only be applied to another eligible Samsung device, such as the Galaxy S6 or GS6 Edge+. In the same way, if you buy a LG G4 outright, that 50% off promotion will only apply to the LG V10 or another LG G4.


One last caveat: this promotion is only available to customers purchasing devices in-store. Online purchases aren’t eligible for this new promotion.

If you’re in the market for upgrading two smartphones on your T-Mobile account, this is a sweet offer, particularly if you buy the smartphones outright. Keep in mind that T-Mobile is only running the promo for a limited only, so you’ll need to act fast!

source: T-Mobile

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