Lyft teams up with Waze, details using the Transport SDK for faster routes

By | 27th January 2016

lyft_logo_pinkEarlier today, Waze announced their new Transport SDK that will allow other services to integrate Waze’s crowd-sourced information into other applications. There were a few partners on-board at launch, one of which was Lyft, who stands to benefit greatly from having access to some of Waze’s best features. Lyft has spoken out and detailed some of the new features that users can expect to see in the near future.

Possibly the most efficient new feature to come out of this partnership will be Lyft’s ability to automatically update routes on the fly. This means a driver’s route can be adjusted based on many conditions that are pulled from Waze, and can even help to adjust a route to pick up an additional passenger. Lyft claims this should help to reduce wait times in the Lyft Line, speeding up how long it’ll take someone to be picked up and dropped off at their destination.

Waze is also replacing the default navigation system for Lyft, and the Waze app will have a quick button to jump right back into Lyft, mid-navigation. These new features are designed to make the experience simple and smooth, all while keeping driver ratings high thanks to Waze’s fantastic navigation.

This new partnership is sure to help out both Waze and Lyft, and will pretty likely be the first of many when it comes to crowd-sourcing your cab rides across town. Now we just have to wait and see how Uber responds.

source: Lyft

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