The Division: Which Edition Should You Buy?

By | 27th January 2016

The Division: Which Edition Should You Buy? is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.

Ubisoft’s The Division took years for developer Massive to make. It’s been available for purchase for just a little over a month. In that time, the game has blossomed into an unstoppable force. It seems as if the developer is always looking ahead to the next major update. The game gets new features when they make sense and new DLC add-ons are still on the way.

The Division starts with some kind of biological agent bringing the United States government to its knees. Before the government falls, the President of the United States charges a covert organization with protecting whatever society is left in across the country. That organization, the Strategic Homeland Division, is given carte blanch to operate however its agents see fit. In The Division, you’re an agent of SHD. You’re trying to make New York City whole again.


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We’re used to Ubisoft making open-world, third-person games. What we’re not used to is the company building in an online role-playing mechanics. Players are fully customizable. The New York City in The Division has its own weather system and day and night cycle, the latter of which has big ramifications for your missions, it seems.

The Division is available for purchase now. Here’s what you need to know about the different editions of the game.

The Division Purchase Extras

Ordinarily, before you placed your The Division purchase it’d be a very good idea to start looking into pre-order extras. Game publishers will partner with each retailer to offer exclusive access to items that shoppers at other stores will need to pay for separately. Last year’s Batman Arkham Knight was the biggest offender in this regard.

Ubisoft took it easy on The Division buyers. Instead of scattering tons of different pre-order extras at different retailers, the company opted for just two pre-order extras that are available everywhere. Purchasing The Division at a participating retailer like GameStop and Best Buy got you access to the Hazmat Gear Set. Since the game has been available for a month, you can rule out the Hazmat Gear Set. It’s no longer available.


The Division Hazmat Gear Set

With that out-of-the-way, the only thing that should dictate who you purchase the game from is any memberships that you may have. Amazon Prime gives users 20% off their gaming pre-orders and recent releases. The online retailer is still offering this deal to shoppers.

Best Buy and GameStop each offer membership programs that get users points or discounts for their gaming purchases too. GameStop’s frequent purchase program is called PowerUp Rewards Pro. Best Buy’s program is called Gamers Club Unlocked. Gamers Club Unlocked gets users 20% off new games too. The subscription costs $30 for two years, far below Amazon Prime’s $99 yearly price tag.

The Division Season Pass

the division

The next thing to consider before making your purchase is The Division Season Pass. The Standard version of the game doesn’t come with access to all the title’s forthcoming add-on content, but more expensive versions will.

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Ubisoft is promising a full year of add-on content for those that purchase The Division Season Pass. The game’s 3 major expansions, Underground, Survival and Last Stand, will require separate purchases or the season pass. The season pass also includes a sawed-off shotgun, exclusive outfits, exclusive weapons and monthly weapon drops. Amazon has the season pass for all platforms available for purchase for $39.99. Only those that purchase the The Division Standard Edition should pick up the Season Pass.

Xbox owners get access to the first two major expansions a month before PS4 players.

Besides the paid content, there are free upgrades that everyone gets. Ubisoft recently released The Division 1.1which introduced Incursion events for great players, weapons trading and new Gear Sets.

The Division Edition Breakdown

There are three different The Division Editions available in store and online for you to purchase. Additionally, Ubisoft has worked out a deal with Microsoft to offer a console bundle for those that need to upgrade consoles anyway. The Division is coming to Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PCs only.

Standard Edition


Purchasing a basic copy of the game gets you a digital or physical copy of the game. This version of the game costs $59.99 before any taxes and fees. Also note that it is available at retail stores and through the Xbox Store and PlayStation Store. GameStop is already selling used copies for $54.99.

Gold Edition

the division national guard set

The Division Gold Edition includes all the things that the Standard Edition includes. Users also get access to season pass add-ons and any gear sets that are exclusive to the season pass holders. Gold Edition costs $99.99 before any taxes and fees. Note that this version is available at retail stores and through the Xbox Store and PlayStation Store.


Xbox One Bundle


Finally, there’s the Xbox One 1TB Bundle. This $399.99 option for buyers of the game includes a standard black Xbox One console with 1TB of storage and the same pre-order extras as the Standard Edition. Buyers do need to purchase season pass separately.

Purchase this bundle through Amazon and you get a digital download of The Division. If you purchase it at GameStop you’ll get a physical copy of the game. Unfortunately, PS4 owners don’t have a bundle that comes with The Division. 

Have fun with the game.

The Division: Which Edition Should You Buy? is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.