GiGa.GG is giving away 500GB of cloud storage to the first 10,000 downloads

By | 28th January 2016


Over the years you have probably built up quite the collection of pictures, music, movies, and more. Your friends probably also have done the same. However, a problem that has always existed is how can you share all of that with each other?

GiGa.GG aims to solve that problem by giving all of its users 500GB of cloud storage and allowing them to upload their media to it. After users have uploaded whatever media they want, they can then share it with others. All movies will automatically re-encode for easy streaming right to your phone, or downloaded for offline use.

However, if you don’t have any friends who use GiGa.GG you can also search GiGa.GG’s users. People with similar interest can be connected to each other and share or download items from each others libraries.

As if 500GB wasn’t already a huge amount of free cloud storage, GiGa.GG will also upgrade users to an insane 10TB for only $6 a month. This seem like a super good deal for that much storage, especially since companies like Apple charge $12.99 a month for only 1TB of storage. The $6 fee also includes unlimited streaming, otherwise capped at 2GB a month.

Of course, privacy is surely a concern. GiGa.GG encrypts all logins and can not access them without user’s permission. Users can also choose to share their files with all, none, or some users network.

The only catch to all of this is the first 10,000 downloads on Android will get 500GB while anyone after that will get 100GB, and can earn up to 500GB by inviting their friends. There is also an iOS and computer version already available.

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