Lenovo CEO: “more innovative, more attractive” Moto device coming in July

By | 28th January 2016

Tomorrow will mark the two-year anniversary of Lenovo’s announcement that it would purchase Motorola Mobility. Since the two companies became one, Motorola has continued to function much the same as before. But change may be in the works. Just weeks ago, Lenovo announced that the Motorola brand would be phased out. Future devices created by the Motorola branch of Lenovo will be sold under the Lenovo name and the Moto brand which has been popularized with phones such as the Moto X and Moto G.

The first of those new Moto phones may not be too far in the future. In a recent interview, Lenovo CEO Yuanqing Yang said that the company would be launching a “more innovative, [and] more attractive” Moto device in July. This device will launch in the US and will be an attempt to strengthen the foothold that Motorola has in the country.


Lenovo’s own mobile brand doesn’t yet have a presence in the US, so at present, the company is leveraging the Moto brand as a means to pave the way for the launch of Lenovo’s personal brand within the US. Within developing countries, however, Lenovo has plans to snatch up some of the newly available market share. In particular, Yang mentioned the markets of India, Africa and the Middle East.

As a whole, Lenovo sees the mobile market as a means to help guide customers towards Lenovo’s PCs. Even with global PC sales declining, Lenovo is of the opinion that consumers will soon begin to shift back to more capable PCs. If the company can secure customers in the mobile market, it has a much higher likelihood of persuading those customers to purchase Lenovo PCs over competitor brands.

Whether or not Lenovo’s prediction will come to pass remains to be seen, but we look forward to seeing what the company brings to the table in the mobile market.